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   Chapter 212 Get Out Of My Home

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Standing outside, Sherry saw a dark thing flying towards her. If Jeffery hadn't been quick eyed and pulled her back a step, she would have been hit by that thing.

It was a small box in which lay the necklace she had bought.

In a rage, Sherry walked past those things and went back home.

"What are you doing? Stop it! " When Sherry turned her head, she saw that Anna was holding a vase in her hand and loosed her hand immediately when she saw Sherry.

"Bang!" It was broken into pieces and splashed on the ground.

Anna's face was so relaxed that it seemed like she was smashing something useless. After clapping her hands, she turned around and continued to make trouble in other parts of the room. She completely ignored Sherry.

"Hey, who allowed you to throw my things away?" Sherry shouted angrily.

It was totally out of Sherry's expectation that she would see this situation as soon as she came back.

She thought there were some thieves at home, but these two people came. She was most annoyed to see them!

The living room was a total mess, and even had no place to stand.

Hearing Sherry's voice, Zoe walked out of her bedroom and looked at her in disgust and said, "Don't you know that? My father told us that you are not a member of the Xu family anymore. So this house certainly doesn't belong to you."

Anger rose in Sherry's voice. She didn't expect they would be so ruthless.

"But you are not allowed to enter my house freely. This is my house. You have no right to break in!" Said Sherry angrily.

Anna sneered, "Go to reason with your father. He only has one request now, that is, let you get out of here as soon as possible!"

"All your property will belong to him!"

"Don't forget, father has disowned you!"

Sherry trembled with anger. She didn't expect there would be such a shameless person in the world.

"I don't care what Dad says to you. Get out of here now!" Sherry suddenly clenched her fist, looking pale.

"You are still confused with the situation now? Sherry, it's you who should go out! " A wry and arrogant smile formed on Zoe's face, and her eyes were full of contempt.

Looking at the mess on the ground, Sherry closed her eyes in pain.

"The things you ruined are all my property. I earned it by myself, not my father's." Sherry said word by word, trying to be patient.

"Today you smashed them. I don't want to argue with you. Get out quickly. The house is mine, you know? The house is mine. Get out of here right now! "

Sherry couldn't help but emphasize. Her anger had reached a critical point. As long as she was given a little stimulation, she would immediately spurt out anger.

"This house is bought by myself, which has nothing to do with you. Don't be shameless here! Don't you find it disgusting and ridiculous? " Sherry said with a bitter smile.

Sherry leaned against the wall and looked down. Pieces and furniture were scattered all over the floor.

Sherry would have thought that she had been robbed when she had come in suddenly!

"Nonsense! It's dad

y frowned. Although it was not as intimidating as Jeremy, it still surprised them when they saw the similar face between his eyebrows.

"Behave yourself when you speak!" Said Jeffery coldly.

"What's wrong? Did I say anything wrong? Sister, tell me. How did the newspaper describe you? Who is the father of your baby? "

Sherry closed her lips and kept silent.

She didn't want to explain, let alone to these people that her child was Jeremy's.

Sherry's silence looked like she had a guilty conscience. The smile at the corners of Zoe's mouth was more obvious. "See, she acquiesced in it herself. She is a bitch! Shameless bitch! She always hook up with men! "

Jeffery looked at the back of Sherry, expecting her to open her mouth and fight back. But Sherry kept silent all the time.

"So, you should also be careful. Don't ruin your future just because of her!"

Jeffery had been very angry. The reason why he agreed to make his identity public with his father was that he wanted to have power and be powerful enough to protect Sherry.

But before that, how much humiliation he had to endure and how many people had looked at him differently?

Now that he heard what Zoe said, he was even more angry, but the other voice in his body told him that he couldn't be too presumptuous. "I think it's none of your business!"

Anna smiled. She leaned against the sofa like a noble lady, and added, "Then my family affair is none of your business."

"Sherry is not the member of the Xu family anymore. This is her private residence and you have no right to come in. My surname is Ou. My business has nothing to do with you. I called the police just now. You get out of here right now!"

Looking at Sherry's thin and weak back, Jeffery's heart was already heavily wounded.

He hoped that these people would quickly leave here and give Sherry a quiet place.

However, on the other hand, Anna and Zoe almost forgot that Jeffery had been called the police. They looked at each other and then stood up from the sofa.

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