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   Chapter 211 Things At Home Were Thrown Away (Part Two)

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"It's really like the shows in the soap opera." He said.

Hearing his serious tone, Sherry's heart became heavy as well.

"Anyway, it's always a happy thing to find your real father." Sherry comforted him.

Although she hated the Ou family, she still felt happy for Jeffery.

"No. In fact, I really don't want to have anything to do with the Ou family." Said Jeffery.

Sherry was stunned and shocked by what Jeffery said to her.

"I want to be strong, only in this way can I protect you and no one can bully you!" Jeffery looked at her firmly and said firmly.

Sherry's heart trembled. She remembered what had happened to her these days. Every piece of it was exposed in the media, and naturally a lot of people knew it.

Jeffery said so, so he must have heard these news!

There was bitterness in Sherry's heart. "You don't have to think so. It's enough to have your own life. Leave me alone!"

Jeffery shook his head and suddenly walked to the bedside. He sat on the bed and Sherry could see every corner of his face so far.

"In the past, I was unable to even protect myself and I needed you to take care of me. But now, things are different." He said with a meaningful smile.

Her smile was bright, making people feel rejuvenated again. Sherry suddenly felt very warm.

She was no longer young to hear those sweet words from boys, but she was surprised when she heard him again.

"Now, let me protect you!" Jeffery restrained his smile and said seriously.

His eyes were filled with unusual emotions, and his hands on his legs were also clenched into fists.

But Sherry didn't see anything

only swallow all of it.

When they arrived at the apartment, the rain had stopped, but the ground was still wet, so it was easy to slide down on it.

Jeffery held one of Sherry's hands and held the suitcase in the other hand. He stared at Sherry's feet carefully.

"I'm fine. I can walk. You don't have to be so careful." She said with a smile.

Hearing this, Jeffery sneered, but he still didn't let her go.

When the two of them went out of the elevator, they found that the door was open and there were sounds of cracking inside. A lot of things were piled by the door.

It was all Sherry's living goods.

"What's going on?" With knitted eyebrows, Sherry shook off Jeffery's hand and walked towards the door.

Two familiar women's voice came from inside, "Throw them away. There will be better ones in the future! Don't be too narrow-minded about these useless things used by others! "

Sherry could remember that it was her stepmother's voice.

Zoe was a little reluctant to throw away these things, but she followed her mother's words and help her throw.

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