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   Chapter 208 Be Driven Out Of Home In The Rain (Part One)

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Hearing this, Sherry became more and more upset, not only for compensation, but also for hush money.

Without any hesitation, she nodded and said, "Yes, you can rest assured that I won't tell anyone about my relationship with the Ou family."

Andrew looked at her with admiration, but sadness was still evident in his eyes.

Anyhow, Sherry was chosen to marry Jeremy by him personally. It was pitiful for him to treat her in this way.

After saying that, she went to the desk and left the folder on it. "You'd better keep the money. I think I probably don't need it."

Of course, she would not ask the Ou family for a penny. She just wanted to divorce with Jeremy above board.

"I'm sorry that I let you down. It's my fault. As for the compensation, I don't need it." Sherry said flatly.

She didn't know how to say more, but only a few simple words solved what she was going to say.

Looking at the folder, he was somewhat puzzled and asked, "Why? It's hard for you to take care of your child alone abroad. "

"Anyone who is poorer than me can survive. I believe I can take care of myself alone," said Sherry with a smile

And she would have a wonderful and happy life, which had nothing to do with the Ou family.

"Thank you. It's all my own choice. It was my own choice to marry Jeremy and divorce him. So, the Ou family didn't betray me and didn't need to compensate me."

Looking back on the past few years, she had done everything according to her own will. It was her own decision and choice.

"I will leave here, without causing any trouble to you and the Ou family." Said Sherry.

After he heard what she said, he nodded his head repeatedly, looking a

as reluctant to see Sherry leaving.

With a cold expression on her face, Sherry closed the suitcase with her head down, carried it, turned around and walked out.

Without the least hesitation, Sherry turned around and left.

Hasty high heels echoed behind her. Then, Zoe shouted anxiously, "Sister!"

Sherry kept on walking faster and faster. Till she arrived outside, Zoe revealed her true color and ordered in a sharp voice, "Stop, Sherry!"

Sherry didn't stop, so Zoe had to trot to stop in front of her.

"Why are you so arrogant? You are just a deserted woman who has been kicked out. What makes you so cocky?" Zoe was so tired that she could not catch her breath.

In contrast, Sherry only breathed lightly and quickly. She asked, "It's none of your business."

Zoe's face was ferocious and twisted. The two sisters had always been at daggers drawn when they met, but Zoe believed that she was better. "What did grandpa say to you?"

"Why should I tell you?" Asked Sherry.

Those unimportant people always tended to care about something unimportant, and Sherry happened not to want to say a word.

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