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   Chapter 207 Pretend That Your Marriage Didn't Happen At All (Part Two)

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Jeffery clenched his fists on the cane chair armrest when he saw sherry. He wanted to stand up and greet her.

On the other hand, Sherry looked withered and dispirited, as if she hadn't had a good sleep last night. There was a cold expression on her face. When she saw him, she didn't looked at him any more, just like taking a glance at him.

"Coming!" Andrew gave the club to the butler and pointed to the front, beckoning Sherry to keep up with him.

"You silly girl. You always go to the hospital and never tell us anything. Alas..." He said a few words and sighed. In the end, he didn't finish his sentence.

Sherry followed him. He was still tall and straight. Although his hair had gone grey, he was still in good health. She respected him before and felt a little ashamed.

"I'm fine. It's just a small problem." Sherry said.

As soon as Andrew walked over, everyone stood up and served tea and water respectfully.

He took a sip of water and said to Sherry, "Come here. I have something to tell you."

Sherry nodded, turned around and followed him, completely ignoring John and the other three people.

"Humph, you are so rude!" After John gave a snort of contempt, he picked up a golf club and went ahead.

On his way out, he looked back at Jeffery. When he saw that Jeffery kept his eyes on where Andrew had left, he frowned and asked, "What are you looking at, Jeffery? Come here! "

Jeffery's eyes had never left Sherry, and he wanted to go up and explain to her. But when he wanted to say something, he stopped.

It was not the right time, he had to endure the pain.

Hearing John's words, Jeffery had to follow up obedie

he suddenly raised her head and looked straight at Andrew.

Andrew kept a smile on his face and looked into her eyes.

Hearing this, Sherry's heart sank. She thought it was ridiculous, but she couldn't laugh out.

Her hands, holding the folder, kept trembling. Sherry breathed a sigh of relief and gradually calmed down.

Pulling out the chair and sitting down, Andrew said to her, "Jeremy, he'll take over the whole Ou group in the future, but the baby in your baby... Alas..."

The result, which was the last thing Andrew wanted to see, confused him when he heard of the scandal of Sherry sleeping with another man.

He knew that Sherry liked Jeremy so much, and he also saw how well Jeremy treated her. How did these two men get to this end?

Sherry nodded, trying to hide the disappointment on her face. "Yes, I know what you mean."

Although Andrew's heart was a little sad, he still smiled and said, "You are a smart girl. But others don't know about your marriage, so let's just pretend that it has never happened. What do you think? " It seemed like he was asking for her consent.

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