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   Chapter 201 the Divorce Agreement

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She didn't drink water or eat anything the whole day, so she just sat here inexplicably the whole day.

Looking at the sleeping Jeremy, Zoe quietly walked over to his side and sat on the sofa beside him. "What are you looking at?" she muttered

She touched her face and smiled happily.

"If you are embarrassed, just leave it to me!" With a sly grin, Zoe's hand slid across his lips.

"Help you to bed? How about sleeping on the sofa? I can't move you. " Zoe stood up and adjusted his body.

Although he had woken up before, Jeremy was still drowsy. Besides, he hadn't had a good sleep, so now he was in deep sleep, not feeling at all.

After struggling to lift his feet on the sofa, Zoe took off his shoes and let him lie horizontally.

After that, Jeremy turned around and towards at her. His warm breath sprayed on her forehead, which made her itch.

Zoe's heart raced very fast. Her face flushed. She felt a little strange when she approached him unconsciously.

She couldn't help but take a look at his sexy thin lips. The Adam's apple stood by his throat. He wore a black T-shirt with his chest heaving as he breathed

Zoe felt a little short of breath, so she patted her chest and put her hand on his Adam's apple unconsciously.

Jeremy suddenly moved. Startled, she withdrew her hand at once.

Zoe let out a sigh of relief and nervously looked at him, fearing that he would suddenly wake up.

"Brother in law?" She called tentatively.

However, Jeremy didn't respond at all. He was breathing evenly.

Looking at his face, Zoe curled her lips and stretched out her hand.

Anyway, Sherry was going to divorce with him. It would be strange if they didn't get a divorce on this matter.

Now that they were going to get divorced, she had to take actions first. Being a single man, Jeremy had so many women following him all the time!

As soon as her hand touched his warm body, Zoe trembled with fear, but there was an inexplicable emotion urging her to move faster.

Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of the phone on the tea table. She rolled her eyes and grabbed his clothes.

"Sherry, if you are unwilling to divorce, I'll make you jealous again!" Zoe took off his clothes and looked at his naked upper body excitedly with her phone in her hand.

After taking off all his clothes, she took photos of him with her mobile phone. Then she snuggled in his arms, acting affectionately and showing off.

In a good mood, Sherry just came back from a walk.

As soon as she returned to the room, she felt her phone in the pocket ring. She took it out and saw that someone had sent her a message on wechat.

On the other side of the line, Sherry switched on her phone and took a quick glance at some pictures sent by Zoe.

Opening it, Sherry's brows twisted. Her hand trembled and she almost threw the phone away.

The photo was taken of Jeremy and Zoe, Jeremy was naked. The intimacy between them made Sherry sick.

Putting the phone on the bedside, Sherry leaned her forehead against the back of her hand. Her hard to calm mood suddenly becam

d waited so long for this document.

After looking at the words on the agreement, Sherry had an unutterable feeling in her heart. She had waited for a long time, had done so much, had suffered so much, and was just for this agreement.

But when she really took it, she felt a thousand pounds of weight on them.

At the last page, Jeremy had already signed his name.

However, all these in her mind were just two seconds. When Sherry saw the agreement, she was only silent for two seconds. At the bottom of the last page, she signed it in a blank space.

She had signed her name without hesitation. At the thought of the way Jeremy looked when he signed his name, they were totally two extremes.

The wild look of Jeremy was still imprinted in his mind. Barry picked up the agreement and sighed, "In fact, Mr. Jeremy still cares about you, but lookers on see more than players."

Sherry felt tired. She opened her mouth and suddenly felt there was nothing to say.

"You should relax yourselves. Maybe you can see the vast land and a real human being." said Barry.

Sitting next to them, Chester listened quietly to what Barry said.

He saw the cold expression on Sherry's face. It seemed that she didn't believe it.

Chester felt distressed for her, but when he saw her sign her name on the paper, he felt an inexplicable joy surging in his heart.

He had gone too far! It was the first time for him to hope that someone's family would be broken up.

Sherry nodded, "It's too late to say anything now. I'm single again. You should congratulate me. I don't like to hear this kind of words."

She felt sour in her mouth, as if she had eaten the immature childhood sweetheart.

What Barry said made her feel more sour, and she couldn't listen to more.

Since she had signed the agreement, she didn't care about it at all. She felt comfortable and relaxed the moment she finished the work.

She shrugged her shoulders with a wry smile.

Then they heard footsteps again at the door. They turned around and saw Linda walking in.

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