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   Chapter 200 Just Sit And Don't Talk (Part Two)

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Jeremy looked at the thermos flask in her hand, and he seemed to see Sherry.

Sherry was good at cooking and it was enjoyable to eat the food she made.

As soon as Zoe opened the thermos flask, a sweet fragrance greeted his nose, but he couldn't eat at all.

"No, thanks. I don't want to drink it. You can drink it yourself. If you are done, you can leave now." He said flatly.

He didn't even have the strength to drive her away. He just wanted to be alone for a while.

Hearing that, Zoe frowned and pouted. She said, "It took me a lot of efforts to learn. My hand was almost burned. Don't you really drink a little?"

Without saying anything, he left and was about to go back to his room.

Seeing this, she hastily walked up to him and stopped him. "Brother in law, don't refuse me like this. I will still be with you even if my sister leave you now!"

Not wanting to listen to her, he lowered his head and met her eyes.

She didn't wear heavy make-up and looked a little bit like Sherry today.

Zoe was a pretty girl, and her big eyes always inadvertently showed tenderness.

Her hair was soft and her lips were red.

A moment of trance suddenly struck him. How could he take the woman in front of him as Sherry?

Seeing him staring at her motionlessly, Zoe thought he had a crush on her.

Zoe's face was a little red. She took back her burning gaze, lowered her head and pretended to be shy. "I will come to see you often in the future, okay?"

Anyway, they were going to get divorced soon, so that she could go to see him aboveboard

most broken, she didn't know what on earth Jeremy was doing.

He stared at her in silence and saw the familiar face of Sherry.

Even though they had totally different characters, Zoe still looked like her sister, Sherry, especially from his position.

For him, it was a great satisfaction to see the figure of Sherry from Zoe.

Her neck was sour and painful, and at last, she couldn't bear it any more. She leaned her back lightly and let out a long sigh, while the man in front of her was still looking at her.

They sat there for a whole day and looked at each other. At first, Zoe stared at him with pitiful eyes, but later she was too tired to open her eyes.

However, Jeremy was gazing at her expressionlessly the whole day.

As Zoe was too tired to sit on the sofa a whole day, she couldn't help yawning. When she turned her head again, she found that Jeremy had fallen asleep.

He was sleeping soundly on the sofa, leaning back against the sofa.

Zoe let out a sigh of relief. She rubbed her sore waist and stood up.

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