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   Chapter 198 Reporters Are Coming

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Zoe sat on the chair and said proudly and arrogantly, "No, I won't. I want to irritate you here!"

As she spoke, she looked at Sherry's belly with a playful smile on her face. "It is exciting to stimulate a pregnant woman. If you are really irritated, the baby will be gone."

Taking a deep breath, Sherry suddenly snorted and gave a smile. "You're really shameless. You keep thinking of other's husband every day, and even make yourself as pure as a Virgin Mary."

Zoe furrowed her eyebrows, shifted her eyes from Sherry's belly to her face, and looked at her resentfully.

Sherry looked at her and said, "You're not young any more. Why do you always have the dream in such an romantic drama? Even if Jeremy did marry you, he is the man who I discard. Do you really like such an man like him?"

As soon as she finished speaking, Zoe stood up from her chair and looked at her angrily. "What did you say? How can you describe him like that? "

Zoe worshiped him so much. He was the man she wanted to marry and she would never allow anyone to insult him! Because she also felt embarrassed.

"That's how I describe him. Don't marry him if you're not satisfied what I said!" Sherry said indifferently.

"You..." She walked up to Sherry and raised her hand, wanting to slap her.

"Just do it. Once you do, I will not let you get out of this hospital!" Sherry raised her chin and cast a sharp glance at her.

All of a sudden, her hands were frightened by Sherry's eyes, which froze in midair.

Sherry's expression was especially arrogant in her eyes, and Zoe really couldn't endure it.

Zoe clenched her teeth, not knowing what to do. She felt a little embarrassed.

"You have two characters. You really need to control your emotion. Otherwise, you will have a worse ending if your father saw you like this after you marry Jeremy!" Sneered Sherry, whose lips curled up, looking at her face frivolously.

Zoe angrily put down her hand, snorted coldly and rolled her eyes at her.

"You asked for it. I'm not like you!" Said Zoe coldly.

Then she turned around and sat on the chair with anger.

Being irritated like this, Zoe even didn't intend to leave. Sherry also admired her toughness.

"Don't be cocky for too long. You will be regretful when you really divorce."

Sherry's heart had long been bleak. Anyway, she had nothing. What else could she be afraid of?

The only thing she cared about was the baby. She would protect it with her life.

"I also give you a piece of advice. If you want to keep pretending to be innocent and pitiful, remember to pretend all the time. Otherwise, if your true colors is discovered by others, I can't help you." Said Sherry.

"Then I am better than you. Bitch." said Zoe sharply and angrily.

Sherry gave a cold smile and said, "I don't know why you're so confident. You're just a bitch, aren't you."

Zoe couldn't bear to be cursed by Sherry, because she just called her a scheming bitch. She immediately stared her big eyes and said, "Don't sling mud at me!"

"Think carefully about what you have done before.


When Sherry was at a loss and didn't know what to do, the crowd of reporters suddenly opened a path.

Chester was in blue shirt, walking towards her from the crowd.

The moment he appeared, Sherry calmed down.

Noticing that there were reporters taking pictures, he stopped them with his hands and said coldly, "Stop! Please leave here now!"

"It's the CEO of SZ Advertising Company, Chester!" Someone said in surprise.

"Mr. Chester, why are you here?"

"She is just an ordinary employee of your company and she has resigned. Why do you care about her so much? What on earth is your relationship with her?"

A tall and strong body of Chester kept standing in front of Sherry, so that she didn't need to be bombarded by these reporters.

Looking at his broad back, Sherry was moved by his words. She said in a hoarse voice, "Mr. Chester..."

Behind her, Chester took her hand and used the temperature of his hand to warm her cold heart.

Whenever there was any difficulty, he always rushed toward her as soon as possible, which brought great comfort to her. It seemed that she could find a person to rely on when she was in trouble.

The reporter didn't listen to him and kept taking pictures. Especially when he came, they had gone too far!

"Mr. Chester, you are such a good friend to her, do you know who is the father of her baby?"

The sudden question by a reporter shocked everyone present. Then they all held their breath, hoping to get a different answer from him.

He cast a glance at the reporter, who was a woman, and stared back at her with his sharp eyes.

He turned his head to look at Sherry.

There was no expression on her face. She just looked at him, confused and embarrassed.

"Does it have anything to do with you? And Sherry doesn't have to bear your criticism. It's none of your business. " Chester said in a gentle voice.

Sherry was stunned. All the reporters present clearly heard this sentence, which immediately caused an uproar.

After he finished his words, he led Sherry to the ward.

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