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   Chapter 197 Bastard

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It was true that her suspicion was confirmed little by little. At last, great joy was shown on her face. "Isn't the baby yours?" Zoe. asked.

Passing by her, Barry walked to Jeremy's side and began to take good care of him carefully.

After getting the answer she wanted, Zoe was overjoyed. She didn't care much about the drunk Jeremy now.

She was so excited that she took out her phone and went outside.

After making the phone call to Jeremy's father, Zoe suppressed her excitement and heard a deep voice over the phone.

"Hello, uncle, my sister is in hospital again." Zoe was thinking about how to explain the whole thing to Jeremy's father. If she just told him the reason directly, it would make her seem to be too conscienceless.

Jeremy's father didn't like Sherry, so he didn't care anything about her when he heard something about her. He just replied, "So what? It's just a piece of cake. Why do you want to call me? "

Holding the phone in both hands, Zoe quickly said, "No, she's pregnant this time!"

Jeremy's father was stunned. It took him a while to ask, "Pregnant?"

"Yes! But the child's father is not brother-in-law... "

"What do you say?" He asked in a low voice.

"I just came to see my brother-in-law and heard him say that the child is not his." Zoe stammered, feeling embarrassed.

Then she heard a loud thump on the table from him, which startled Zoe.

"How dare she cheat on Jeremy and get a bastard!" Jeremy's father was so furious that he shouted at the phone.

Standing a little further away from the phone, Zoe could hear the furious sound. She patted her chest gasping for breath, while a thick smile appeared on her lips.

That was exactly what she wanted. She knew Jeremy's father couldn't accept it.

"Which hospital is she at? You go with me! "

"Yes, I know which hospital she is in. I'll take you there," said Zoe hastily.

Then she hung up the phone and smiled triumphantly. She walked out of the elevator and was ready to meet him.

In the car, they met with each other. Looking a gloomy look on Jeremy's father's face, Zoe pretended to hold her breath, but in fact, she was extremely happy.

"My brother-in-law is so pathetic. I saw him drink a lot." Zoe faltered.

His eyes were filled with anger and he clenched his fists tightly. The beard on his mouth was trembling as he said, "This couple have brought shame on the Ou family."

"I think my son would solve the problem when this thing happened. But now he only drinks. What a loser!" His father trembled with anger and scolded him.

After listening to it for a while, Zoe was a little surprised.

She pouted as she didn't want his father to scold him like that.

As soon as they reached the ward, Jeremy's father rushed into it without knocking at the door.

A nurse had just come out and saw him in such a hurry, whispering, "Sir, please knock the door..."

"Knock what? It's deaf! Don't waste my time! " He shouted in a low voice.

Sherry was sitting on the bed, eating an apple in her

as you agree to divorce my son." he snorted with contempt.

"As long as you can persuade your son, I have no problem with that." Sherry said in an incomparably generous manner.

She didn't know when she started to lose her interest in everything. It was better to let nature take its course than to be stubborn.

Jeremy's father sneered and came closer to her. He lowered his head and said, "You're smart. Don't regret it later."

Sherry looked at him and also sneered, with the same imposing manner.

"If you are finished, please leave! The doctor just told me to keep a good mentality. If you come to harass me again, I will sue you for causing trouble! " Said Sherry.

Glancing around the room, he didn't have any intention to stay any longer. Looking at Sherry, he was filled with anger.

He shook his sleeve, strode out and slammed the door.

But Zoe was still there.

Sherry looked up at Zoe, and her expression was cold.

"He's gone. Do you need to pretend?" Sherry said, pretending to be very interested in it.

The next moment, the innocent face of Zoe changed to a disdainful one.

Putting her hands on her arms, Zoe looked at her with disdain and said, "What a poor guy!"

Hearing that, Sherry's face fell. She was more disdainful and impatient to hear what she said to her.

"Your father is going to disown you. The media journalists describe you as worthless. Lose your job, reputation and even the Ou family will abandon you." Zoe spoke out one by one what happened to Sherry recently without emotions.

Sherry's heart was hit hard by her words. Everything that happened here made her heart ache.

Sherry had never thought that she would force Jeremy to give up in this way. She really had nothing.

"Oh, I forgot, there is a bastard in your belly!" Said Zoe ironically, looking down at Sherry's flat belly.

Sherry could not help but put her hand on her belly, where there was a fresh life.

"If you are here to talk this crap, you'd better leave now!" Said Sherry coldly.

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