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   Chapter 195 Get Drunk (Part One)

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Sherry was reluctant to stand up. She looked at Chester, desperate eyes making him feel distressed. "Can you take me away from here?"

When he was about to pull her up from the ground, he was a little shocked by her words.

"Leave this city, okay?" Sherry repeated.

He put his hand under her armpit and lifted her up from the ground. "You are pregnant. Don't kneel on the ground."

In fact, he would never allow someone like Sherry to kneel down in front of him.

Sherry dropped all of her dignity. She even knelt down in front of him without her dignity and pride, which broke his heart deeply.

Fortunately, he pulled her up, and grabbed his arm tightly. She was eager to get his answer. "Mr. Chester, I beg you..."

"I promise you." He pulled her up from the ground and took her to sit on the bed.

Although he had promised, he still had some doubts. "The baby is Jeremy's, isn't it?"

Hearing the name, Sherry showed a look of panic, which was quickly replaced by bitterness.

"It's Jeremy's child. Doesn't he know?" Chester didn't hear anything from Sherry and asked her.

Sherry shook her head with a bitter smile. "Jeremy will never know."

The ward had just been cleaned up, so there was nothing in it. He wanted to give her a cup of hot water, but he didn't even find one cup.

"Anyway, Jeremy never believes in me. In his eyes, I'm a wanton woman, even though I've never betrayed him." Sitting on the bed, Sherry didn't do anything but let Chester cover the quilt for her.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Chester looked at her with concern.

After she felt a little hot on her body, Sherry's pale lips slowly turned red. "It's not a bad thing. At least, he is willing to divo

in front of him.

Jeremy was utterly delirious. He opened one of his eyes but closed it again without saying anything.

Barry couldn't stand it anymore. He walked to him and lifted him up. At that moment, Jeremy suddenly grabbed his hand and muttered, not knowing what he was shouting.

Barry listened carefully and found that Jeremy muttered the name of Sherry.

"Sherry..." Jeremy called her name weakly, opened his eyes, fell on the sofa and threw up.

"Mr. Jeremy!" Barry patted him on the back and saw him foaming at the mouth. He knew how painful it was to have a hangover, but he still drank it.

"Do you know why she betrayed me?" After vomiting, Jeremy didn't wipe his mouth. Instead, he turned around, grabbed Barry's arm and questioned him loudly.

Jeremy's voice was hoarse, as if his throat was burning with pain.

Frowning, Barry looked at his painful face, not knowing what to say.

"Have a baby with another man..." "She'd rather get a divorce than have an abortion..." he stuttered.

"She doesn't even take a look at me. Doesn't she really want to be my wife?" Holding the bottle, Jeremy said painfully.

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