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   Chapter 141 It's Over

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He could feel that his legs were giving up. There was this incomprehensible sense of fragility that overcame him every time he was in front of this woman.

"It is clear that you won't accept the fact that this baby belongs to someone else. Let's get divorced!"

A man of Jeremy's character would never accept a woman like her. Bringing up a different man's child was on a whole different level. There was absolutely no question.

That would be great. As things developed to this point, naturally they would get a divorce.

Suddenly he flopped down on the hospital bed. With enraged eyes he grabbed her wrist with force and asked menacingly, "Whose is it?"

No other man but Chester came to his mind.

'It is not Steve since he is out of the picture from a long time back. It cannot be Jeffery. I am left with no other suspect but Chester," Jeremy thought to himself.

Sherry remained as calm as ever. She did not even flinch once at the rage that was directed towards her. Jeremy was so close to Sherry that she could feel the hot breath of anger on her face.

"How does it matter? It is not yours and that is all you should know," Sherry coldly said.

'Anyway, the trust is gone. He won't believe anything I say. So it is practically pointless to try to explain anything at this point. I better give up the relationship and move on,' she thought.

Sherry tried to free her wrist from Jeremy's iron fist but found it impossible.

"No. There will be no divorce. You will get an abortion." He was steadfastly looking at her. The determination in his eyes was scary. He gave the final word and from the look on his face it was clear that there was no changing that.

She was struggling to free herself but the moment he asked for an abortion Sherry was left dumbfounded. She forgot to struggle.

"I don't care who the father is as long as there is an abortion. I can still love you like before," Jeremy stated.

This was the maximum he could do. He loved her and he could do a lot for Sherry. He was not ready to lose her but to see the proof of her betrayal every day was not something he could put up with.

If the baby looked more and more like Chester with each passing day what would people think?

She was taken aback. She was even annoyed and a little amused at Jeremy's proposal. But she refrained from arguing. Instead she just said, "What makes you think I will listen to you?" You think I am dying for your love? I don't give a damn about it."

They were proceeding to break each other's heart, and both were seriously injured inwardly.

"Under no circumstance will I abort the baby. It will be born. Divorce is the option left for us now," Sherry told him with a stern look in her eyes.

He finally lost his temper and burst out. He took away his hand with a sudden jolt. He had exerted such power that Sherry almost hit the cabinet next to her from the force.

He stood up from the bed and kicked the chair on the side of the bed.

"Bang!" The chair fell from the kick. He smashed everything from the table on the ground.

"Why can't you have an abortion? Why won't you listen to me?" Jeremy shouted at her helplessly.


"Where are you? I'll be right there."

After giving him the details of the hospital Sherry hung up the call. Now she patiently awaited Chester's arrival in the ward.

Chester instantly took off for the hospital after the call. Once he got a call from Sherry he could no longer delay or be at ease.

When he arrived at the ward, he opened the door and saw her standing behind the door.

"What is the matter with you? Are you okay? Why are you in the hospital?" Chester was seemingly confused to see Sherry in a hospital gown.

He squatted on the floor in absolute confusion. Sherry was squatting on the floor while leaning against the wall for support. He did not like seeing her in that situation. He held her by her arm and said, "Come on, get up. It is so cold on the ground. Let's get you to your bed."

.Sherry eagerly waited for him to come. And when he finally did it was as if Sherry found a piece of wood to hold onto while drowning in the ocean.

She did not move. Then in the most tired voice she said, "I am pregnant."

Chester was stupefied. The news simply was like blow to him. He stared at Sherry in surprise. The news came out of nowhere.

It should have been a happy news and it should have made them happy. But Chester was not delighted, not at all.

He literally forced himself to smile, "Really? Congratulations!"

Sherry also smiled. Though she smiled on the outside her heart ached.

"I am keeping the baby," Sherry said.

Chester nodded without a word. He did not know what to say.

Legally Jeremy and Sherry were still a couple. Chester could not interfere in their matter including the pregnancy.

But he felt a little disheartened. Why did he not know Sherry earlier?

"I want you to do something for me," Sherry said.

He felt so broken by the situation and said, "Just tell me what you want. I'll try my best to help you."

As soon as he stopped speaking, Sherry suddenly changed her posture and knelt down in front of him.

Shocked, Chester looked at her and held her shoulders with both hands. "What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?"

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