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   Chapter 191 Do You Know Who She Loves Most (Part One)

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As if he hadn't seen him, Chester just stared at Sherry. Her hair was stuck to her face by tears, and it looked messy.

After getting out of Jeremy's arms, Sherry stopped crying, wiped her face and was not willing to go close to Jeremy, holding his chest.

"If you want to cry, don't hold it back." Jeremy held her face with his hands and tried to comfort her in a low voice.

Sherry didn't cry any more. She raised her head to look at Jeremy, with tears still on her eyelashes. "Let's divorce!"

The words she said were very calm, but made Jeremy astonished again.

Chester listened to her in silence and watched her in silence.

Due to the frequent mention of divorce by Sherry in front of Chester, a deep shame inexplicably deep down on Jeremy's heart, he curled his forefinger, wiped the tears off the face of Sherry with his forefinger pulp and said, "Don't talk nonsense."

Sherry knocked away his hand and said, "I'm not talking nonsense. I want a divorce."

Chester was just standing aside and watching. When he heard what Sherry said, he was stunned.

It was clear that Sherry could hear now. Sherry regained her hearing. A great joy emerged in his heart.

"I don't agree." Jeremy looked deep into Sherry's eyes and said firmly.

He would never allow the divorce to happen, and he would never divorce with Sherry, leaving any chance for any other man.

He would make Sherry change back to what she used to be, but she couldn't be so cruel to refuse him again.

Sherry was very disappointed. She really didn't want to talk about this matter any more. "I said I want a divorce. Are you annoyed? Divorce me as soon as possible, so that it's good for both you and me

forgiven you, but you still insist on getting a divorce?" He kissed her so hard that she was almost out of breath. Finally, he released her and covered her with his lips.

Sherry glared at him and closed her mouth tightly.

He shifted his eyes from her lips to her eyes. "Do we really can't go back to the past? Love me as before. I won't blame you for betraying me. I'll love you. "

Hearing this, Sherry turned her eyes to look at the window. When she thought of Linda's words, a bitter smile appeared on her lips.

Dote on her? Now it sounded she was dismissive.

Her heart was as painful as a knife, which could not be understood by Jeremy at all. He was still living in his own world stubbornly, and he thought that she should be devoted to him.

Was that not the way they used to get along with each other when men were out drinking and women were at home crying

"I can't stand being with you anymore. You make me sick." Questioned Sherry, gnashing her teeth in anger.

In a daze, Jeremy propped himself up against the bed and hung in the air, which left a little more space for free breathing for Sherry.

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