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   Chapter 190 My Child Is His

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Sherry was still thinking about the previous thing. Hearing this, she turned her head and looked at Linda in shock.

"Rob your man..." Sherry asked in disbelief, "How could I take your man away from you? You know I'm married. And I don't know who you love. Is it... "

Speaking of this, Sherry suddenly stopped and kept recalling the past in her mind.

Linda stared at her with a mischievous smile, which made Sherry disappointed.

Sherry thought for a while, and suddenly thought of Steve.

In fact, when she worked in the company before, she could feel that Linda had a crush on Steve.

But at that time, Steve didn't like her at all, and he was a man who didn't deserve women's love!

'Doesn't she know what kind of person Steve is?

"It's Steve." Said Linda.

All of a sudden, Sherry's mind was cleared up. Her straight back suddenly bent down. She stared at Linda and then looked down at the ground.

"I don't think you will be surprised! I love Steve and he loves me, you must have guessed that. " Said Linda.

Sherry looked at her again and wrinkled her brows slightly. Linda just said that Steve also liked her?

However, Steve didn't like Linda at all! 'Where did she get this information? Does Steve like her?

"This matter is over. I don't want to mention it again. Anyway, I will never forgive you." Said Linda, after taking a long breath and raising her chin.

Looking at Sherry's shocked expression, Linda was very unhappy.

'Her acting skill is so great. She still plays herself so well as if she didn't know it until now.

He was really good at acting. After so many years, he finally knew that Sherry was such a scheming woman.

"Do you want to know who is the baby's father?" Linda put her hand on her belly and asked softly.

Not long ago, there was a life there, but now, it was empty, and there was no child.

Just in a blink of an eye, the baby in her womb was gone.

On the other hand, Sherry hadn't recovered from the shock. She stared at Linda as she was touching her belly and asked, "Whose baby is it?"

"Jeremy." Raising her head, Linda smiled and said indifferently.

After a few seconds of silence, Sherry suddenly felt that her head was blown up and there was buzzing in her ears.

"My child is his. It's from Jeremy." Linda repeated.

The word was like a magic spell, spinning back and forth in her ears. Every word trampled her heart to drop blood, and every echo made her chest short and difficult to breathe.

"I was so sorry to have slept with Jeremy accidentally." Said Linda.

Sherry swallowed and drowned the sound around her ears just now. She took a few deep breaths before her bouncing heart calmed down.

They had sex accidentally.

Linda slept with her husband.

This co

hy did you end up like this?" Jeremy whispered in her ears.

Sherry shuddered. She felt that every time he touched her, she would feel the breath of Linda.

Her words were full of blood, Linda's cold words.

Sherry closed her eyes and felt a lump in her throat. The sound of Jeremy's inquiry kept ringing in her ears. She couldn't help but cry.

"Sherry?" A familiar clear voice came through.

Here came some sound of footsteps. Hearing someone call her name, Sherry opened her eyes and saw Chester walking towards her.

He was in a black suit and two buttons were unbuttoned on his white shirt, which was a little different from the man who usually dressed meticulously.

He suddenly got close to her, which made Sherry feel that the whole world had someone to rely on.

Chester walked to her and saw her sad eyes full of confusion. He could not help but look at her worriedly.

"What's wrong with you? I..."

Before he finished his words, Sherry rushed over, buried her face in his arms and began to cry in a low voice.

On the other hand, Chester was caught off guard by her. He took a few steps back before he reached out his hand to hold her shoulder and asked, "What happened? Sherry? "

Sherry just sobbed in his arms, her shoulders trembling.

Hearing her constraining her tears, Chester felt sorry for her and touched her back, comforting her in this way.

In Jeremy's eyes, they were hugging each other.

He was right beside her, but Sherry wanted to throw herself into another man's arms and cry.

She just treated her as air, how sad he was to see her like this?

Jeremy's heart seemed to be torn apart and he was bleeding with great heartache.

He stepped forward, grabbed Sherry's arm and took her into his arms.

"What are you doing here?" Jeremy held Sherry away, he said to Chester coldly.

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