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   Chapter 187 You Can Hear Me (Part One)

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"Hello, I need your help." Zoe called that man and ordered indifferently, she could not trust anyone else to do such a thing.

After a few words, she smiled with satisfaction. "There is a video on the Internet. The click amount hasn't reached a high level yet. You can hire some rumormongers to spread it and get me popular."

After the other party asked a few more questions, they had a good talk. After Zoe hung up the phone, she paused for a few seconds, and then opened the video, happily enjoying the contents in it.

After eating in the restaurant downstairs the hospital, Sherry felt queasy.

After a few words with someone outside the restaurant, Jeremy came in with a white bag in his hand. He gave a piece of paper to Sherry and said, "I brought some clean clothes for you. Go and get changed."

She looked down at the blood on her body and was silent for a few seconds. Then she picked up the bag stiffly and went to the bathroom.

Jeremy took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom.

There was a dull look in Sherry's eyes when she was led to the washroom by Jeremy. At the door, she shook off his hand and said, "Don't go in the ladies' room."

On the other side, Jeremy just closed his lips and stopped in front of the rest room, watching Sherry go in slowly and wait for her outside.

Sherry slowly changed her clothes in the washroom, but she didn't come out for a long time.

She wiped the tears on her face with a tissue, and took out her cell phone to open Weibo, sure enough she saw the same news again.

"A fight broke out in an international company and a woman was beaten to miscarriage."

Sherry clicked on the video and saw the scene on it. The camera w


Picking up the bag in her hand, Sherry walked out of the washroom. Jeremy took the bag from her hand and followed her out.

After changing the clothes, she felt much refreshed.

However, she still had no appetite at all. When she came out, she still passed by the restaurant of the hospital and saw many people gathering in the restaurant.

Following the direction, she saw a news on TV in the dining room. A familiar face was her father.

Sherry slowly stopped and looked at the man on the screen.

I solemnly announce that Sherry and I have officially cut off our father-daughter relationship." Said Adam in a medium voice, with a microphone in his hand.

With her eyes wide open, Sherry couldn't believe what she had heard.

The camera kept buzzing. Adam put on a serious face in front of the TV screen. He paused for a moment and said, "Thank you for your attention all the time. From now on, Sherry will not be my daughter anymore."

"She lost her mother when she was a kid. She is mentally ill. I've been busy with my business and lacked discipline. That's why we end up like this. I'm sorry for that,"

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