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   Chapter 185 Bleeding

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Linda looked a little embarrassed. She had no idea how to deal with these people.

She decided to take part in the competition bravely because it was provoked by others. In fact, she had already expected this situation. She wanted to make people create a worse impression on Sherry, but she did not expect that there was the opposite effect on her.

"Hurry up. Are you a plagiarist?"

Everyone was looking at Linda when she didn't respond for a long time.

Linda remained silent for a few seconds. She knew people would doubt her.

"As a suspense, I will talk about it later." She forced herself to smile and said to everyone.

Then she turned around and left.

"Come on! Have a guilty conscience? "

"It turns out that you are the plagiarist!"

Feeling ashamed, Linda quickened her pace and walked out of the hall.

The noise of discussion behind her got louder and louder, and she tried to block those sounds. This matter was definitely not over. She had to find a way to change the development direction of the matter.

In the hall outside, Sherry was talking with the staff in front of the counter with a smile on her face before she finished all the procedures of the competition.

When Linda came out, she happened to see Sherry turn around and leave.

"Sherry!" Linda shouted from behind.

But Sherry didn't look back. Anyway, she was deaf now, so it made no difference whether she heard it or not?

Linda caught up with her and grabbed her wrist, shouting, "I asked you to stop. Didn't you hear me?"

When Sherry saw her, she put on a poker face and shook off her hand in a trance. "What's up?" she asked

Taking a deep breath, Linda looked at Sherry with resentment and asked, "Are you deaf?"

As soon as she finished saying that, she stretched her hand to pick up Sherry's ear.

Sherry turned her head, frowned and lowered her voice, "What are you doing? Don't do that in public! Behave yourself! "

What is in one's mind is really beyond one's imagination.

"Are you really deaf? Or are you pretending? I don't think you look like a deaf at all! "

"I don't know what you are talking about," said Sherry, looking at her face with a cold expression.

"What did I say? Do you dare to go to the hospital to check with me? " Said Linda in a furious tone.

Sherry gave her an angry stare, bypassed her and was about to leave.

Linda stepped aside to block her way and looked at her arrogantly, "Don't play hard to get sympathy from others. I think you are just pretending."

There was a movement in the corners of Sherry's mouth. She wanted to say something to refute, but she swallowed her words back.

Linda had lost her mind. It was unnecessary to say anything to her. Their conversation made no sense.

"What? You dare not go to the hospital with me? Okay, if you can't hear me, I will write it to you! " Linda took out her mobile phone from her bag and typed on it, "Go to the hospital. Are you deaf or not?"

Sherry was amused by her words and Linda really cared about anything.

Reluctant to talk to

oint of view just now, everyone thought it was Sherry who pushed Linda. After all, Linda was a victim, and now it made people feel that Sherry's intention was even more sinister.

"That's enough! Stop it! It's not good to be surrounded by so many people! Call 120!" An experienced woman scolded those people and ordered someone to call an ambulance immediately.

Then someone called an ambulance. The woman said, "Give me a hand and carry her out!"

Standing alone in front of Linda and carrying her up, Sherry didn't think that much.

Looking at her, Linda turned her head.

"Linda, what the hell is going on?" Frowning, Sherry grabbed her hand and asked.

Linda moved her lips and didn't say anything. Sherry glanced at her stomach and said, "Don't be afraid. I've called an ambulance. No matter what happens, you have to be strong."

'If Linda was really pregnant and the bleeding was caused by miscarriage...'

Sherry couldn't imagine that she was giving herself a psychological hint while comforting Linda.

"I don't need you to pretend to be kind," said Linda, shaking off her hand weakly

Linda didn't want to take a look at her anymore, so she turned her head.

The people next to them heard the conversation and looked at each other. They wanted to say something, but felt that the time and place were not right, so they didn't say anything.

At that time, the head of the company also came and sent a car directly to the nearest hospital.

Sherry followed her to get on the car and said to the staff, "I know the injured. I'm her friend."

Linda said indifferently and weakly, "Do you dare to say that you are my friend? Sherry, you are an executioner! "

The staff couldn't bear to watch them talking. He said to Linda, "Stop talking. Just lie quietly."

Looking at Linda's pale face, there was helplessness and sadness in her eyes. That kind of familiar feeling slowly came back to her.

Sherry slowly held Linda's hand, but as soon as she touched the back of it, Linda shook off. "Don't touch me!"

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