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   Chapter 133 Questioned

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"The company you wrote on the form is SZ Advertising Company but I recall that you resigned already." Linda scoffed as she glanced at the form.

Sherry pouted and pretended to not hear a word, keeping silent.

She frowned, wanting to snatch the form away from Linda but restrained herself. She turned and looked at the form carefully.

"Awards, Eternal Love jewelry," said Linda, rolling her eyes with contempt. "Why didn't you mention your penalties?"

The irony in Linda's tone was not lost on Sherry and she immediately knew what she was referring to.

Linda was referring to when Sherry had been accused of plagiarizing in the recent competition.

They used to be best friends but that was all in the past—they were enemies now. Every word they exchanged with each other was filled with scorn and disdain.

Linda knew Sherry couldn't hear her so she took this chance to blow the situation of proportion.

Sherry clearly knew who had plagiarized her designs. However, she just couldn't afford to refute as Linda was acting so haughty and confident. She knew she didn't stand a chance even if she tried to defend herself.

All of a sudden, Sherry reached out and grabbed the form.

By the time Linda had realized what had happened, it was already too late.

"How dare you sign up for the competition?" Linda taunted, sneering.

In reality, she was already panicking. This was her way of hiding that. If Sherry joined the competition, who would know what could happen? Especially that the participants in the competition could be anonymous.

In the face of provocation, Sherry raised the corners of her lips slightly.

"I remember someone once telling me that strength is the best proof there is," Sherry said, grinning as she raised the form in her hands.

Linda frowned as she was the one who had said that.

Sherry looked straight into Linda's eyes as if she could read her mind sending Linda into a panic. Linda had always seen herself as the victim in any situation.

"Since you're so capable and talented, how about we come up with our own designs? There's no point in talking now. In time, the truth will come out."

With that, the smile on Sherry's face disappeared as she closed the distance between her and Linda. She stared Linda down, unblinking.

"What are you doing? There are so many people here. Don't be too arrogant!" Linda said breathlessly, averting her gaze.

Sherry ignored Linda as she walked past Linda.

With this, Linda was relieved. She turned and glared at Sherry who was already walking away.

She must find a way to destroy Sherry!

However, this was an anonymous competition. She didn't know which submission would be Sherry's. She had no idea how to start.

She figured it was best if she could continue to destroy Sherry's reputation to others. Maybe that would make things easier for her.

After waiting for a while, finally it was Sherry's turn.

Sherry took off her sunglasses and smiled at the staff, delivering her form.

"Welcome, you can go in and show your works now," the staff told Sherry upon checking her form.

Sherry nodded. "Thank you."

After Sherry entered the display hall, the lights ha

ed towards the staff to her side. She signed her name on the form and stalked off the stage, her heels clicking on the floor.

As everyone watched her leave, they were in utter shock, not knowing what to say.

"She's so stubborn!" a woman said, feeling humiliated.

Just as she finished speaking, the projector behind her shook. Everyone turned their heads.

The advertisement that Sherry was supposed to present began to play.

"Hey, isn't this advertisement..." someone said in surprise.

"This went viral on the internet before!" the person next to him said.

"Is this her advertisement? This is Sherry's?"

"Oh my God! Was this ad designed by Sherry?"

The crowd began whispering amongst themselves. As Linda watched the advertisement, the shock on her face was undeniable.

She clenched her teeth as she watched the crowd focus their attention on the project. Slowly, she tried to discreetly leave.

"Where's Linda? Didn't she say that Sherry copied her design?" someone shouted upon noticing Linda.

Just as she was about to leave, she was pushed to the middle of the stage again. Everyone was looking at her as if they were waiting for her to say something.

Startled, Linda looked around the hall nervously. She bit her lips and lowered her head, looking extremely embarrassed.

"Was this really designed by Sherry? The advertisement is so exquisite!"

"If this is what Sherry is capable of, is it really believable for her to plagiarize?"

The crowd had now quickly changed sides and were now targeting Linda.

The crowd continued to discuss amongst themselves. Linda bit her lips, not knowing what to say.

"Don't talk nonsense if you don't have evidence."

"We still don't know who plagiarized who. Linda, why don't you take out your design and show us?"

"Of course, we're all in the advertising industry, and we can tell with just a glance."

"You're known as the advertising princess by the media in the advertising industry. It doesn't matter if you show your design in advance anyway."

"If you don't show it now, we won't know who's the plagiarist. How can we help you?"

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