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   Chapter 129 She Will Pay For This

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Sherry gave a light snort.

Did she think that it was easy being Jeremy's wife?

Poor woman! She was in love with him without knowing anything about him.

From Sherry's experience, it was a pitiful, pathetic and cold world.

"Why are you staring at me? You think I did all this? You can go stare at Uncle John. It was his decision!" said Zoe. She was not thrilled to see Sherry staring at her so intently.

Sherry's eyes were sharp. Zoe felt as if she was staring right into her soul and it made her heart tremble.

Even after being told off, Sherry still didn't shift her eyes from Zoe.

With knitted eyebrows, Zoe rose her chin and shouted, "What are you looking at? Why are you staring at me like that?"

As soon as she finished speaking, Sherry got off the bed and walked towards her.

Her leg was wrapped in thick gauze and the pain was unbearable. She could feel the pain in her bones. With every step she took, her bones cried.

In the blink of an eye, her wounds got worse.

It hurt like hell, but she didn't care and stared straight at Zoe.

Despite her confusion, Zoe wasn't scared because Sherry could hardly walk. "What are you doing?" she asked.

Out of the blue, Sherry quickened her pace. Approaching Zoe in a flash, she slapped her on her face without saying anything.

Slap! The crisp sound cut through the air.

Sherry did it quick and clean; there were no sloppy movements, no hesitation. Zoe had no time to react.

She felt dizzy, and stayed stunned for a few seconds before covering her face with her trembling hand.

She looked at Sherry in disbelief. Her throat had gone completely dry from the shock. "How—how dare you hit me!"

Her voice was trembling. She had always been the apple of her parents' eye. She was such a sweet and obedient girl that no one had ever hit her.

But today, she was slapped by her sister—the woman she hated the most. What a disgrace!

"Yes, I dare. So what?" Sherry said with a cold smile.

Since she was still in a trance, Zoe had long forgotten that Sherry could not hear. She screamed and pounced upon her, trying to grab her shoulder.

Sherry had long limbs. She pushed Zoe and sat her on a chair.

Zoe was embarrassed. But she didn't want to be outdone, so she tried to fight back.

"Stop your struggle, Zoe. Do you think I don't know what the hell you just did?" Sherry asked in a menacing tone.

Zoe looked up at her. Her face was burning and her teeth hurt, but Sherry's words surprised her.

"I'm helping you, dear sister. How prefect would it be when everyone sees that I hit you!" There wa

ughter, don't cry..." While comforting her lovingly, Adam called over the maid next to him and ordered, "Go get some ice."

The maid looked at John and saw that he made no reactions. She went to the kitchen obediently.

Sherry hobbled to the bedside with no one to hold her arms or support her. Her leg hurt so much, and her father looked at her—not like he was looking at his daughter, but as if he were staring at an enemy.

No one cared about her.

She used to feel upset and jealous over this before. But now, she was quiet calm. These illusory things could no longer influence her mood.

"Sit down and put some ice on your face. It won't hurt," Adam said, helping Zoe sit properly on the chair. He took the ice cubes from the maid and began to ice her red cheeks.

Sherry struggled to sit on the bed. She looked at her leg, and suddenly gave a sneer.

"Stop laughing!" Adam wanted to scold her more, but found it hard to talk to a deaf person. So, he stopped saying anything.

He turned his head and took a glance at John. The man remained expressionless as always. Adam gave an awkward smile and said, "I'm so sorry that I have such a defiant daughter."

John smirked.

When Adam turned around to look at Sherry, his face darkened. "If you weren't hurt, your sister wouldn't have yielded to you. Do you think you could defeat her with your temper?"

Zoe put the ice cubes on her face and glared at Sherry angrily.

"I can't hear you. Don't waste your time," Sherry said in a seemingly casual way.

Adam frowned. Zoe sobbed, "Dad, you must get justice for me. I only came here to give her company. I don't know why she hit me. It hurts!"

He was furious. "Of course, she will pay for this. Don't worry!"

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