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   Chapter 178 Something Unexpected Happened

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Jeremy followed her closely and put his hand on her shoulder.

Sherry was stunned. She also paused, but she still didn't throw him away.

"Grandpa, father, Adam and Anna." Jeremy greeted them when he saw them.

Everyone else had smiles on their faces. Except Andrew, who was wearing a natural expression on his face, the rest of them either forced themselves to smile or gave flattering smiles.

Seeing her father's flattering smile, Sherry felt nauseated.

Before the car came in, Zoe had been expecting it to the extreme.

She wanted to see Jeremy earlier, but she didn't want to wait any longer. Finally, her eyes were brightened and she saw him.

Jeremy didn't wear a suit as usual. Instead, he was wearing a black wind coat with a white shirt inside. His legs were long and straight. His gentle smile instantly captured Zoe's heart.

"Sherry, Jeremy." Zoe greeted them with a sweet smile.

As a sister who always pretended to be innocent, she always held the truth in her mind no matter how hard she tried. No wonder some men would buy it. After all, all men liked the innocent and cute women?

"Grandpa Andrew," greeted Sherry lightly when she saw these people

"Jeremy and Sherry are here. Have a seat!" It was obvious that Andrew liked Sherry, so he was nicer to Jeremy than to his father John.

A smile crept on Jeremy's face. He took Sherry's hand and sat down beside Andrew.

"You must have a lot of work to do in the company. I asked you here to come with me. I'm getting old, so I want to see more kids," Andrew said to him.

The hair on his temples had turned grey. Behind the heavy glasses, there was a pair of wise eyes. Although Andrew didn't look as shrewd as John, both Jeremy and Sherry understood that he was not as easy-going as he looked.

Jeremy smiled, "I'm sorry, Andrew. I haven't seen you for a long time."

After saying a few words, Andrew turned to look at Sherry and asked, "Sherry, what about sherry? How are you doing recently?"

Sherry's ears moved, but she still didn't say anything.

When they heard this, Adam and Anna pulled a long face at once. Adam frowned and said, "How could you be so impolite to an elder while wearing sunglasses and pretending to be blind?"

Sherry still didn't respond, and she didn't even take off her sunglasses.

Anna sat beside Sherry, frowned and elbowed her. She whispered, "You're so impolite!"

John didn't look happy while Andrew still kept a smile.

However, Adam let out a sigh and said in a soulful tone, "You are so ill bred. It's such a shame to have such a daughter like you."

Hearing this, Sherry sneered in her heart. Did he think that being his daughter was something worth celebrating?

She was deaf now, so she decided to play dumb.

Andrew waved his hand, "Don't blame her. She's not in good health. Look, her face is pale too."

As soon as he finished, Adam and Anna were somewhat embarrassed. They looked at each other and did not continue to blame Sherry. .

On the other hand, Sherry was we

e stretched out her chopsticks and was about to pick up food for him. When she was about to hand over the chopsticks to him, Jeremy looked very indifferent. But he blocked her chopsticks with his own chopsticks and said indifferently, "No, thanks."

After hearing his words, Zoe was surprised, and a bit embarrassed. As for Anna, she was also very unhappy to see him ignore her daughter.

"Are you thirsty? Have some water." Seeing that Sherry pressed her lips together and looked around, Jeremy guessed that she must be thirsty, so he poured a cup of water and handed it to her.

Sherry sniggered, he knew she won't accept his kindness, but he still came here to ingratiate her.

Then you can take your time to play a hero on your own! Anyway, she would not appreciate it!

Andrew observed them while having dinner.

There was a grim look on John's face. He hated that Sherry didn't take his son seriously. And he also hated that Jeremy treated Sherry so well, as if he was going to pick the moon off the sky and give it to her.

As a man, this kind of act can't be found for no one.

At this moment, a maid came with a bowl of soup.

"Be careful. The soup is very hot." The maid reminded them.

She was the one closest to Sherry on the table, so she was about to put the soup at her position.

Zoe was in a bad mood, and she was even more annoyed at the maid who was in her way.

But when she heard that the soup was very hot, she remembered it in an instant. Her eyes showed a cunning smile, and then she stretched her legs to stop him.

"Please Ah! " Before the maid could finish her words, she was tripped and fell forward unsteadily.

The hot soup was thrown on the table in a parabolic direction towards Sherry.

"Watch out!" Jeremy shouted.

He pulled up sherry. Caught off guard, Sherry was able to stagger backward, but before she could get up, she soon felt a hot wave coming. The hot water splashed on her leg.

"Ouch!" Sherry took a breath of cold air because of the pain.

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