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   Chapter 126 A Family Feast

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"Hello," Jeremy answered the phone with a low, husky voice.

He padded softly across the room to the window, and the light outside illuminated his tall figure, casting long shadows on the floor.

The figure on the bed stirred slightly, prompting him to glance. Seeing that Sherry was still asleep, he said, "The advertisement didn't work as well as I wanted. Continue hiring people to create pressure on the public."

"Okay, Mr. Ou," the man on the other line responded respectfully.

"How’s the investigation going?" Jeremy continued, his fingers tapping on the table.

There was a pause before the man said ruefully, "I'm sorry, but we still haven't made any headway on the matter."

Jeremy’s voice increased a notch, displeasure evident in each syllable. "What happened? You've been investigating for a while now, but you still haven't found any sign of him?

"I apologize, Mr. Ou," the man explained, heedfully, "we're doing everything that we can, but so far we haven't got a clue. The Song family remained tight-lipped, and it's difficult to find out his whereabouts."

"I don't care about that. That’s your job. I want results!" Jeremy said, rubbing his forehead impatiently.

"We will speed up the investigation, Mr. Ou. Please rest assured."

Jeremy sank on the sofa nearby as he looked at Sherry, sleeping peacefully. Slowly, a pleasant, warm feeling rushed to his chest. "I don't believe that Steve will suddenly disappear from this world. Go find him now!"

"Yes, we will do our best." With Jeremy’s anger dampened, the man released the breath he was holding.

"We need more public opinion on the advertising competition to be seen by everyone," Jeremy said with finality.

"Yes, sir. We will do it."

After the call ended, Jeremy once again shifted his attention to Sherry and found himself smiling.

He threw the phone aside and quickly went to bed silently, afraid to awaken her.

He snuggled, putting his hands on her waist and inhaled the fragrance of her hair. He dragged himself closer to her until her head was resting on his muscled chest.

She had lain motionless, seemingly dead to the world.

But Sherry, who Jeremy thought was amid slumber, slowly opened her eyes.

Her gaze dropped on the teddy bear on the edge of the bed, and her mind was filled with Jeremy's face.

As much as she struggled, her nose wrinkled, and tears fell, making tiny warm splashes on her pillow.

She heard everything and heard them very clearly.

She clutched the blanket tightly and bit her lip, valiantly trying to hold back her sobs.

The man behind her was fast asleep. She could tell by the heavy arm against her ribs and the even rhythm of his breathing. She removed his hand, disgusted, and shuffled to the far end of the bed.

'Did he consider himself smart to help this way? Did he think this is what I wanted?'

Sherry sank deeper into the sea of disappointment until sleep finally consumed her.

The next morning, just after dawn, Jeremy‘s phone rang. Groaning, he rubbed his eyes as he reached for the phone. When he saw the name on the screen, he imme

window. Her back and neck went stiff.

There was a lush canopy of trees lining uphill from opposite sides of the road when the car speeded on a wide boulevard. Beams of sun peeked through the branches and reflected on the windshield.

Both of them remained hushed until they arrived at the old house of the Ou family. An ancient brick wall surrounding the estate came into view, and two massive wrought iron gates opened automatically. Jeremy slowly steered until they reached near the vine-covered walls of the villa.

The servants recognized the car at a glance and hurriedly stopped their work to receive them.

It was a while since Sherry came back. The house gave her feelings of familiarity, yet strangely different, which made her feel jittery and unsettled. She could not define it, but dread churned in her stomach. The moment she saw the familiar faces on the other side, she instantly froze.

"Why didn't you tell me they are here?" The lenses of her glasses hid her expression, but her tone was steely and full of warning.

After turning off the ignition, Jeremy followed the direction of Sherry’s gaze and was stunned.

Aside from grandpa, Zoe, Jeremy’s father as well as Sherry’s parents were all in the villa, looking expectantly at the oncoming vehicle.

Jeremy shrugged helplessly and took off the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose. "I didn't know either. How could I tell you?"

At first, Sherry just glared. Then an icy coldness crept in her eyes, and her lips had set in a thin hard line. Flustered, Jeremy immediately took out his phone and typed on it.

He reached out a hand, wanting to hold her. On the phone, the screen read, "Don't be angry. I didn't know. It was grandpa who called us home for dinner."

Just then, Sherry opened the car door, leaving his hand dangling, bereft of her touch.

The yard was crowded and lively. She did not take off her sunglasses and scrutinized everyone’s expressions secretly.

They were all sitting on the sofa. From where she was, she could see Zoe staring at her with eyes full of envy.

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