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   Chapter 175 Why Do You Always Defend This Man

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"Will your superior be dissatisfied with your idle time?" Sherry turned her head and said to Chester, who was driving.

With one hand on the steering wheel, and the other against the window, he looked lazy.

He chuckled, shaking his head, indicating that his employees wouldn't have any opinions.

She had heard the noise outside and the music from the roadside store. Although sometimes the sound was vague, she was able to figure out what it was.

The car stopped in front of a commercial square. Chester got off the car and opened the door for Sherry.

Then he put his hand in front of her and said, "Don't go away."

A person who had no hearing could not feel safe. It was the off work time, and there should be still a lot of people in the mall. He was afraid that once he turned his head back, he would not be able to see Sherry.

Without hesitation, she put her hand on his.

Then they walked towards the center of the square hand in hand.

Their eyes were covered by the mist from the fountain in the middle of the square. The lovers were taking a walk hand in hand, and children were shuttling in the mist. All the noises could be heard faintly.

Sherry felt the phone was vibrating. She took it out and saw that it was a message from Chester, who was right next to her.

"How are you feeling? Are you feeling better now? "

He turned his head and smiled at her.

Looking into his gentle eyes, she smiled and said, "It's good."

The fresh air and vast land made her mood brighten up.

"You should often take a walk and relax yourself." He continued to text her.

Sherry was slightly moved by his words. She wanted to tell him the truth that she could hear, but when the words were on the tip of her tongue, she stopped.

"But don't sneak out by yourself. You must find someone to accompany you. Be careful." Chester said on the message.

"I'm okay. I stay at home all day and watch the process of competition on the Internet." Said Sherry, looking at him.

They hadn't mentioned Linda's sudden appearance in the restaurant before, but Sherry was still a little unhappy about it.

"You can't waste your talent. Take it easy and everything will be okay," Chester said on the phone.

His words seemed to give Sherry unlimited motivation and confidence. She was sure to win this competition, but in terms of playing tricks, she really couldn't compare with others.

In this aspect, she was much weaker.

"Thank you, Mr. Chester. Thank you for taking up so much time to go shopping with me and comforting me." Sherry said from the bottom of her heart.

"I'm helping myself. You will have to go back to work when you get better someday. I don't want to lose such an excellent employee." Chester blinked his eyes. It was rare to see a bantering and naughty expression on his face.

In this way, Sherry was more relaxed, and her hand in his hand was no longer uneasy.

"But are there any companies that want a disabled like me?" She pretended to be very depressed, pursed her lips and looked evasively.

He covered her lips with his hand, frowned and looked at her seriously.

Although she didn't say anything, she could se

ind, and the face of Chester appeared in front of him.

Jeremy was staring coldly at Chester, who just rushed over here. Jeremy put his hands down on the sides of his legs. He was about to hug Sherry first, but suddenly, he stopped and clenched his fists tightly when he saw Chester.

Chester almost forgot that Sherry was still Jeremy's wife. And Jeremy now was standing in front of him, staring at him coldly.

"Did you take her out?" From his low and hoarse voice, she could tell that he was tired.

On the contrary, Chester looked casual and relaxed. "Yes, I took her out for a walk."

Suddenly, Sherry interrupted, "Mr. Chester are kind enough to take me out and send me home. What's wrong with it?"

Jeremy turned his eyes to look at her.

Chester stood behind Sherry. Jeremy thought that the two people were on the same side and against him.

Jeremy's heart broke. He thought, 'Why do I feel I am so unnecessary when I see Sherry and Chester standing together?

But the fifth person should be the one who stood in the way. It was Jennifer!

Suddenly, Jeremy quickly pulled Sherry to his side. Before Chester could react, Jeremy had already put his hand on her waist.

"Why did you take her out when you knew her condition? Do you know how dangerous it is? " Jeremy queried him angrily.

Hearing what Jeremy said, Sherry was even angrier than he was.

"Lock her in the room. That's the real danger for her," said Chester, with a cold voice.

Jeremy squinted at him and said coldly, "What did you say? Chester, if anything happens to her, I'll kill you! "

Sherry slapped away Jeremy's hand, took a few steps back and stood beside Chester, looking up at him angrily, and asked, "Why are you so angry? I'm okay now. Even if I have any trouble, it's none of your business! "

Even if she couldn't hear, she could tell what he was talking about from his raged face.

She must stand on the side of Chester firmly. She couldn't let Jeremy be so arrogant.

Upon hearing her words, Jeremy was stunned. He frowned and looked at her in disbelief. "Why do you defend this man so much?"

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