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   Chapter 174 Meet Each Other

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Looking at the words on the screen, Sherry was moved, "I will. Thank you."

Chester bent his finger and tapped on the table. After thinking for a while, he finally found a topic and continued to type on the phone, "Did you participate in the international commercial design competition?"

Sherry replied soon, "Yes."

Since her replies were always so short and concise, he couldn't help smiling helplessly. He had no choice but to type, "Do you have time? How about we meeting? "

Sherry took a look at the time, and it was now half past eleven in the morning. "Well, I happen to go to the company to see you. It's about time to get off work."

"Good. Send me a message when you arrive."

Sherry took a piece of clothing in the wardrobe and found that it was half empty.

She had given a lot of clothes to Zoe last time. Although she had never worn those clothes, she was not used to the wardrobe being so empty now.

She hadn't been out for a long time. She only put on a light makeup to make herself look energetic before she went out.

The sound outside was very noisy, but she heard something unclear.

She was very careful on the way. It took her a lot of time to get to the company even though it was not far from home to the company. When she arrived at the company, it was just 12 o'clock.

In the downstairs of the company, Sherry saw Chester walking out of the building.

She greeted him in a hurry. When he saw her, he smiled gently.

Wearing a brown suit, he looked so outstanding among the crowd. It was like he walked to the side of her with a ray of sunlight.

"Why are you so punctual?" He said while looking at his watch.

Wind brought his words to Sherry's ears. She heard it clearly, smiled slightly and said nothing.

"Let's go!" He pointed ahead to remind her.

Sherry followed him to the restaurant where they often went to have lunch besides the company.

After they ordered the food, Chester passed a note to her and asked, "You don't look good. Are you ill?"

Looking at the words on the note, there was an unutterable feeling in her heart. 'How does she look better since she has been angry every day?'

But she still smiled slightly in front of him, "It's okay, maybe because of the bad weather."

Chester stared at Sherry, and she also directly looked back at him. Their eyes clashed in the air, and there was a faint tacit understanding between them.

"I know a well-known doctor overseas who enjoys a very good reputation. I hope you can have a visit. It's also good for you to relax." He lowered his head and wrote on the note.

Taking a look at the note, Sherry smiled and answered, "Yes, I'll go there after the competition is over."

"Work is important and you have to take care of yourself. I'm so sorry to see you like this." Wrote by Chester.

The dishes had been served. When Sherry saw the words on the note, she didn't feel embarrassed and smiled as usual. When seeing this, he was relieved.

"Eat more. It's good for your health." He kept putting food in her bowl.

Maybe going out for a walk, her appetite was much better when she looked at the food on the table. The food picked up by Chester was all eaten up by her.

During the l

glance at Sherry, "Have you heard that? It's not too late to quit now! "

Sherry snorted and didn't respond at all.

Chester also looked at Linda and said, "Did you hear that? It's still not too late to quit now! "

Linda was evasive first, but when she heard him, she calmed down at once. "Why should I quit the competition? I didn't plagiarize. I have won the prize by my strength!"

Those colleagues nodded, "Yes! Mr. Chester, Linda has participated in the competition. She will not quit easily. "

Linda took a few deep breaths. Apparently, she felt a little bit guilty.

'Damn it! She had planned to quit the competition. She didn't expect to meet him here. He embarrassed her in just a few words.'

It seemed that it was impossible for her to quit now. On thinking of this, Linda turned her head and looked at Sherry with hatred.

"That's great." Chester said indifferently.

Linda curled her lips and said to her colleagues, "Let's go to have lunch."

The colleagues nodded, took a look at Sherry, turned and left. On their way, they said, "Anyway, she can't hear so much. Just take it as nonsense."

On the other side, Sherry vaguely heard what they were talking about. Sherry looked indifferent, as if she hadn't heard anything.

When she was lowering her head to eat, she suddenly saw a piece of paper in front of her, which read, "Don't care about them. They just come here to greet you."

Sherry managed to squeeze out a smile, and there was a hint of coldness in her eyes.

It seemed that she could only hide the feeling of being betrayed by her best friend and didn't know how to say.

Looking at her blank face, Chester sighed softly in his heart. He passed the note to her again and said, "Go out and take a walk later."

Sherry nodded and put down the chopsticks. Perhaps because of her nervousness, she looked a little uneasy sitting on the chair.

Sherry got on the car and it was going leisurely on the roadside. With clear and beautiful scenery outside the window, her hair was lifting up with the gentle breeze. It seemed to be the happiest thing to enjoy the afternoon in this silent moment.

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