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   Chapter 167 Who Let You In

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It was not easy for her to move in and have the chance to get close to Jeremy. How could she give up so easily!

"Who allowed you to come in? Who allows you to do so? " Jeremy got out of bed quickly, stood by the bed and asked angrily.

After swallowing hard, Zoe made up her mind and said loudly, "It was sister who asked me to do so."

Hearing that, Jeremy was stunned and there was an inexplicable emotion expressed in his heart. He asked, "Is it Sherry? You should find a convincing excuse. "

Forced by his trust, Zoe heavily nodded her head and replied, "It's true. She asked me to come to you. She said that she was afraid that you would be lonely here and she was not in good health, so she asked me to come here."

In fact, Sherry's attitude towards him already made him worried. But after hearing what Zoe had said, he was still somewhat shaken by her words.

But he still couldn't believe it.

"My sister really thinks too much of you!" Zoe said innocently.

It seemed as if a basin of cold water was pouring down from the top of his head, which put out all his anger, and then from the soles of his feet began to cool down.

His whole body emitted a cold breath, and Zoe was a little afraid to approach him.

Suddenly, he turned around and strode out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Then Zoe got out of the bed and ran after him.

In a few steps, Jeremy arrived at the room of Sherry. He turned the door and stared at her sleeping face.

On the bed, Sherry was still sleeping. Seeing her look of calmness, Jeremy got angry.

The door was banging heavily. With one ear close to the door, Zoe pounded it hard with the other hand, trying to turn the doorknob. But she couldn't open it anyway. She shouted outside, "Open the door! Brother in law, open the door! "

On the other side, Jeremy turned a deaf ear to the noise outside. He gazed at the sleeping on the bed.

In fact, Sherry didn't fall asleep at all, perhaps because she couldn't hear. As long as she couldn't sleep, she liked to open her eyes and feel everything around her.

So she was very clear that the moment he came in, she closed her eyes.

But she was still very nervous and depressed. Why did he suddenly come in?

Jeremy strode to the bedside and stared at the sleeping face of Sherry. The eyeballs under her eyelids were still rolling and her eyebrows were moving. It was obvious that Sherry was not asleep at all.

He smiled coldly, took off his shoes, lifted the quilt and lay down.

Feeling the seat beside her sank, Sherry nervously opened her eyes.

"Don't you pretend to be asleep?" Jeremy's magnetic voice rang in the darkness.

Sherry couldn't hear him. She just stared at him and was frightened and asked, "Hey, why did you come in?"

A cold smile crept on his face. He put his arm around her shoulder and said, "Sleep with you."

Sherry couldn't hear anything, but what he did made her understand. She shouted, "Let go of me!"

On the other hand, Jeremy put his hand on Sherry's shoulder tightly. His strong and warm body clung to Sherry, which made

No matter how angry she was with Sherry, she had to change her temper and quickly put on a smiling face.

Zoe pulled the chair aside and gestured for them to sit down.

Glancing at the breakfast on the table, Sherry lost her appetite for a minute.

"You'd better eat what you cook for yourself!" Sherry said flatly.

Then she turned around and went into the kitchen.

After taking off her apron and hearing what she said, Zoe was surprised and angry. "Hey, why don't you eat?"

Sherry knew the character of Zoe. If someone could swallow the food cooked by her, then he must have a strong stomach. She thought herself as a weak person right now and she couldn't afford to suffer this.

She preferred to eat the food cooked by herself.

Seeing that she had left, however, Zoe didn't get discouraged. She held Jeremy's arm and said with a smile, "My brother-in-law, just enjoy your meal! You have to go to work later. Have an early breakfast, then go to work! "

Since Sherry had left, Jeremy certainly had no time to play with her. He took his arm and said, "Have it yourself! I'm going to help your sister. "

After saying that, he went into the kitchen too. Standing at the table alone, looking at his back, Zoe was so angry that she wanted to throw the table.

There were two tomatoes in the plate, and Sherry was going to cook them with noodles. At that time, Jeremy helped her wash the tomatoes and beat the eggs.

Sherry turned her head to look at Jeremy and said, "You can go out to eat. I don't need your help."

Jeremy didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "You know the cooking skill of Zoe. You don't want to eat it, so you want me to be poisoned to death?"

Sherry only saw his lips moving up and down, and she didn't know what he exactly said.

But Zoe who was outside heard it clearly. She threw her apron aside in anger.

What did he mean that he would get poisoned after eating her food? Although she never cooked, it was a woman's nature to cook. He was unwilling to try it. How could he know that it tasted so bad?

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