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   Chapter 163 Her Sister Is Coming (Part Two)

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Putting the suitcase aside, Zoe held on to her breast, with tears in her eyes. She looked very sad and said, "You're sick. Parents and I are so worried about you that they ask me to take care of you!"

Standing at the door, Jeremy looked at Zoe fretfully, "No, thanks. I'll take care of Sherry. You can go out now!"

After swallowing hard, Zoe held Sherry's neck tightly and said, "No, you have to work every day. There are so many things to do every day. How can you have time to take care of my sister? What if she is wronged? "

"I'll call the housekeeper over to take care of her." He said flatly.

"Is the housekeeper better than her sister? I will definitely take good care of my sister! " Zoe looked at Sherry, showing a faint smile.

Knowing that Sherry couldn't hear anything, she took out a pen and paper and wrote on the note, "Although you have been discharged from the hospital, we are still worried about you. Our parents asked me to take care of you and I will stay here."

Looking at the words on the paper, Sherry seemed indifferent.

Jeremy fixed his eyes on Sherry's face, hoping she could shake her head and refuse Zoe.

While Zoe intimately leaned close to Sherry and looked about to cry. It seemed that Zoe cared about her sister very much, but she just acted too much.

But soon, there was a smile on Sherry's face, and she said indifferently, "Okay!"

Zoe didn't expect that Sherry would promise her so quickly. After being stunned for a few seconds, she stood up from the sofa and turned to look at Jeremy, saying, "Jeremy, my sister promised me!"

A few moments later, Jeremy kept staring at Sherry. Sherry also looked back at him frankly and directly.

After Jeremy heard what Zoe said, he c

Zoe stood aside and deliberately got close to him. "You... Why do you learn to cook? "

Zoe remembered that a man like Jeremy would never cook by himself.

He was so busy every day, and he always looked cold, so he didn't look like a man who could cook!

"No reason. I just want to learn," he answered lightly. "You can go out now!"

A rich lady like Zoe couldn't stand the smell of it at all.

However, no matter how Jeremy persuaded her, Zoe wouldn't leave. He felt a headache because of her insistence.

With the oil splashing on her white and tender arm, Zoe was so frightened that she screamed, covered her hand and let out a muffled voice in pain, "It hurts so much!"

He snorted, "I told you to go out."

"But I want to help you!" Zoe muttered, feeling wronged.

"You will only make things worse. Get out!" He shouted in a cold voice.

Seeing him, Zoe swallowed hard and walked out slowly. She dared not to be act like this.

As soon as Zoe went out, she saw Sherry sitting on the sofa. Sherry had been looking down at the magazine in her hand all the time. Zoe didn't know if Sherry had seen what had happened in the kitchen.

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