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   Chapter 161 A New Opportunity

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When Sherry was browsing the website of every company, she was attracted by an advertisement.

A famous multinational company openly recruited the designer. All emails were designed anonymously. The designer's name wouldn't be disclosed until the final result was announced.

The following advertisement left more than ten thousand comments in a minute. Sherry's eyes brightened and her heart was filled with a glimmer of hope.

It was a good chance for her!

"The registration time is over this week. The specific time for the competition will be announced later. Please hurry up for the registration. The competition still enroll for the application to the scene, Wechat and Weibo..."

Sherry closed the computer, and her eyes shone weirdly.

She could participate in the competition anonymously, which was tailor-made for her. Although she did not plagiarize, this competition was helpful for her.

She threw the computer aside and fell on the bed, the image of the advertisement kept flashing in her mind.

Then she closed her eyes deeply and a smile appeared on her lips.

Jeremy rushed to the meeting room of the hotel. The room was already full.

He was dressed in a black suit. As soon as he walked in, a light smile appeared on his face. He said in a magnetic voice, "I'm sorry. I'm late. Sorry for keeping you waiting so long."

The man was the representative of a multinational company, and the CEO was Chinese. As soon as he saw Jeremy, he smiled happily. He stood up and reached out his hand. "Mr. Jeremy, you're welcome. It's worthwhile to wait with you for a long time!"

They were business tycoons. No matter how important they were in the business, they would always lower themselves when they met with each other. It was the same with Jeremy.

Jeremy shook hands with him politely and then sat in the host seat. "The main items of the cooperation have been decided at the last meeting. There are some trivial issues to be reviewed. There are the following 8 points..."

Jeremy looked at the draft at random, threw it aside and spoke seriously.

It took several hours to settle the contract. Both sides breathed a sigh of relief. They could finally move their backs.

"Mr. Jeremy, there's something I don't understand. I hope you can give me some advice." The CEO of the multinational company asked.

There was a smile on Jeremy's face, but it looked very serious.

Jeremy took a sip of water and smiled, "Please go ahead."

"Why do we have to recruit people in public for the commercial of the cooperation business this time? There are a galaxy of talents in your company. Isn't it better than working with your own employees? "

They had to think about it from the perspective of saving time and money. If he needed to hire other people, the schedule would be delayed in all aspects. He did not agree to cooperate in this way.

On hearing his words, a soft smile played on Jeremy's face.

But this kind of expression just flashed away for a second. He quickly recovered to seriousness.

"Of course we want everyone to pay attention to our cooperation. In this way, we can not only absorb talents, but also publicize this cooperation. In the future, we can also consider long-term cooperation!" Jeremy said flatly.

"Then why do you use an anonymous method?" The CEO asked curiously. His intuition told him

lance at it, she put down the sleeve of her coat to cover the piece. Then she stood up from the seat and went to take the bag beside her.

"Remember, the patient is not in a good mental condition. Be careful not to stimulate her." The doctor urged.

After a moment's silence, Jeremy asked, "When will her ears be recovered?"

"It depends on her own physical condition. There is no absolute certainty. But as long as she has a positive mind, I believe that there will be a higher probability of recovery." The doctor said.

Jeremy nodded and kept the doctor's words in mind. In the past few days, he had been really obedient to her.

He turned his head to look at Sherry, and saw her clumsily lifting the bag on the sofa.

"Sherry!" He strode over and took it over from her hand. He whispered in her ear, "I can't help you with anything else. Are you going to refuse such a thing?"

She couldn't hear what he said, but she still loosened her hand.

How could she use that hand to lift such a heavy thing? Although the wound had healed, it was too painful for her to use so much strength.

"Doctor, thank you for your treatment. I'm leaving now." Said Sherry to the doctor.

The doctor nodded with a smile and sent them out.

Sherry rushed forward as fast as she could, and Jeremy followed her closely. He fixed his eyes on the people and cars around her. Without hearing anything, she just kept on rushing forward.

He was following her closely. The only thing he could do was to watch her. He was afraid that she would be in danger.

At the sight of them, Barry walked up to them, smiled and said, "Mrs. Sherry."

In front of other people, Sherry was always smiling. She nodded to Barry as a greeting.

At the same time, Barry opened the door of the back seat for her. After Sherry got into the car, she took the things in Jeremy's hands.

"You go back first. I'll drive by myself." He threw the things into the car directly.

Barry understood what his boss meant, and knew that the relationship between them was very subtle. He nodded and said, "Okay."

Barry called the driver out and watched helplessly as his boss urged Sherry to sit in the front seat, while she kept indifferent, silent and unresponsive.

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