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   Chapter 160 Is She Still Linda She Knew

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"You can go out now. I'm going to sleep." Said Sherry, hiding her head in the quilt.

The man kept silent for a few seconds. Thousands of words were in his throat, but he didn't know where to start. No matter what he said, Sherry couldn't hear, and she didn't want to hear it either.

Staying in the quilt for a long time, Sherry thought that Jeremy had already left. Opening the quilt to take a deep breath, she just looked at the half smiling eyes of Jeremy.

"Why are you still here?" She frowned and said.

Giving the note to her, he said, "I don't think you can fall asleep these days."

Indeed, she had slept a lot in the past few days. She was speechless for a moment at the sight of his words.

She made no response to him. She lifted the quilt and took the laptop from the drawer.

"Don't play any more. Eat something first." Afraid that she would browse Weibo again, Jeremy grabbed her laptop and put it aside.

"Hey, why do you care so much about me? You are very annoying! " Screamed Sherry in a low voice.

She had already been rejecting him with a very cold attitude, but this man was so annoying that he had to appear in front of her and push her too hard.

Sherry rushed to him and grabbed his arms.

But he gripped her arm with his hand, firmly held her in his arms, looked down at her and said, "Don't make a fuss. It's not a big deal. How much longer do you have to be sad?"

Sherry struggled very hard. Because she had no strength, she couldn't get rid of him at all.

There was worry in his eyes, but there was also a smile on his face. Seeing him, Sherry was angry and depressed.

"Are you insane? I have told you to go out. Don't you know I'm so annoyed with you? " Sherry yelled hard at him.

Her eyes glared at him and turned red. At the sight of her red eyes, Jeremy's heart softened.

"Let go of me! Give me the computer!" She ordered loudly, stretching out her hands and putting them in front of his eyes.

He had planned to forcefully carry her to the bed and hold her hands down to keep her quiet. But as soon as she stretched out her hand, he saw her wrist at a glance.

It was also wrapped with a thin gauze, and the wound was almost healed, but every time he saw it, he had a feeling of horror.

Thinking of this, he loosed his hand unconsciously. As soon as she got free, she pounced on him and grabbed the computer.

Sherry gave her a cold look and walked to the bed with the computer and sat on it casually.

She opened the mailbox and prepared to write.

She put his slender fingers on the keyboard and thought for a long time before she slowly clicked.

"Hello, I am Sherry Xu, the competitor of the creative advertising competition. I want to explain the plagiarism. I hope you can give me a chance to clarify it, instead of blaming me all the time."

"I sent this e-mail not to get this reward. I just don't want others to misunderstand me. I am willing to accept any doubts. If anyone doubts me, they can ask me anonymously, and I will give the truth."

"Every competitor has put his or her own efforts into it. The plagiarist is shameful. I also disdain such an action. If he or she is convicted of plagiarism, his or her career will com

he read them.

With what Linda said just now, she thought these malicious comments were nothing. What was worse than being betrayed by her good friend?

Looking at her phone, she was helpless and angry.

She raised her head to look at the TV, only to find that it was not Linda, but Chester.

It was a rare chance to see him on an interview. Sherry was curious about him and watched him in TV.

Chester was wearing a grey suit. There was still a slight smile on his face. The corners of his lips were slightly upward, making people feel easy to get close to him.

On the other side, there was a young and beautiful reporter sitting there. She asked a lot of questions about his own business. She also asked some questions about private life, which were all refused by him.

"There are two designers of your company, one is the winner, Miss Linda. Their designs are almost the same. But Miss Sherry was regarded as plagiarist. What do you think about it?"

For such an important interview and such an important competition, the reporter would certainly ask him.

Sherry was stunned for a moment. She stared straight at the screen, as if she could never look away.

"Miss Sherry, she is the youngest and most capable advertising planner I've ever met. I believe in her talent and there's no need to plagiarize." Chester said, with a serious expression on his face.

The reporter was shocked, "You mean you support the plagiarist?"

"She is not the plagiarist. Please don't judge her like that," Chester corrected the reporter righteously.

The reporter gave an awkward smile when she heard his words.

"I trust her and I support her." Chester looked at the screen, and his eyes were fixed on Sherry in front of TV.

His eyes seemed like magic, penetrating the glass screen, as if sitting in front of her and looking into her eyes.

Sherry's heart beat fast, and a warm stream came out of her heart. She tightly held the phone in her hand, and she felt her nose was a little sore.

The TV was turned off. Lying on the bed, Sherry was thinking about what Chester had just said, and her mood suddenly calmed down a lot.

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