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   Chapter 158 Stop Touching Me

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Sherry was lying on the bed and fell asleep deeply. When she woke up, Chester had left and there was only her in the ward.

She rolled over and sat up on the bed, feeling that someone was approaching her. She raised her head and saw that Linda pushed the door open and came in.

"Linda..." Sherry, full of questions, gently called Linda when she saw her.

However, Linda's eyes were red, and her high heels cracked on the ground. She didn't ask anything and strode towards her, raising her hand to slap her.

The slap fell heavily on Sherry's face. She was hit on the head and almost fell off the bed. Her face immediately suffered from a burning pain.

"Is it you, Sherry? Ask Mr. Chester to fire me? Is it you? " Before Sherry could react, Linda grabbed her hair and forced her to raise her head and look straight into her eyes.

There was a humming sound on Sherry's ear. Looking at the manic expression of Linda, she was inexplicable. There was a tingling feeling on her scalp.

Sherry shouted to Linda, "What are you talking about?"

"Stop pretending! I have seen through your hypocrisy long before. What kind of friend are you? You are not my good friend at all! " As Linda approached her, her eyes widened with fierceness.

This was totally different from the usual Linda. She was so strange that Sherry couldn't recognize her.

"Linda, let me go!" Sherry was weak, but still managed to shake off her hand. "I don't know what you're talking about!"

As soon as Linda came in, she slapped Sherry inexplicably. The well-known anger in the bottom of Sherry's heart was boiling.

Linda glared at her. She was blinded by jealousy and anger. Now she could only see Sherry who was pretending to be innocent and taking herself as a good person, in a pitiful tone.

"Don't you know what I'm talking about?" "Mr. Chester called me and asked me to quit the job. He accused me of plagiarizing and fire me," Linda said with a sneer.

Looking at her lips, Sherry tried to understand what Linda was talking about through lip-read, but she could not know anything.

When receiving a phone call from Chester, Linda tried to defend herself, but he didn't give her any chance.

Mr. Chester only looked at Sherry. He would believe whatever Sherry told him.

"He said I plagiarized your works and fired me..."

Sherry snorted. She was slapped by Linda just now and her ears were still buzzing now.

It was Linda who plagiarized Sherry's design, but now she came to the ward to bully Sherry. Before Sherry could figure out what was going on, she was slapped by Linda inexplicably.

"Why didn't you reply to my message when I sent it to you before?" Sherry didn't know what Linda wanted to say, so she had to pick up the question she knew.

She drew the design in the hospital, and there were only a few people who came to see her. It couldn't be her parents, let alone Chester and Jeremy.

However, Sherry still didn't want to believe it. She wanted to listen to Linda's explanation personally.

"Why should I reply to your message? Do you take me a

t for Sherry, turned around and walked to her.

Before her hand could touch Linda, she shook off her hand mercilessly and said, "I said, I'm done with you. Goodbye!"

After saying that, Linda turned around and was about to go out. Jeremy suddenly came in and it was inconvenient for her to keep talking with Sherry in front of him.

"Stop!" It seemed that Jeremy was not going to let go of her so he shouted in a low voice.

Linda had to stop in the middle of the room. On the other side, Jeremy was standing right behind Sherry, with his strong chest pressing against her thin back. The warmth of his body seemed to be continuously transported to her.

"Who slapped her just now?" His eyes were still focused on Sherry, but he was speaking to Linda coldly.

Feeling his approach, Sherry was quite resistant to him. She leaned a little forward, and then he moved a little closer to her.

As soon as he came in, he saw her face. It was a red finger print, which made him nervous.

"I slapped her!" Linda had no choice but to admit it. She raised her head and looked straight into his eyes.

Linda didn't think Jeremy would care Sherry so much.

However, when Jeremy kept his eyes on Sherry and suddenly shifted his attention to her, Linda was shocked and couldn't help but take a step back.

"She is your good friend. Why did you beat her inexplicably?"

If it was not because Linda was a woman and Sherry's good friend, he would definitely slap her!

Linda's heart raced. Her eyes were still red. A moment ago, she felt wronged. Now, she was shocked by his attitude. "You don't like her, do you?"

"No matter I like Sherry or not, nobody is allowed to bully her!"

Biting her lips, Linda stared at them and said, "It's ridiculous. Why do you still defend a woman like her?"

"I know her better than you," He said coldly.

Standing between the two people, Sherry was extremely resistant to Jeremy's approach. She tried to hold Linda's hand, which was avoided by Linda in great disgust. She shouted, "Don't touch me!"

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