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   Chapter 109 Home Wrecker (Part Two)

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How did he usually treat her? Had he already forgotten?

As she took a long and deep breath, a bitter smile crept onto her face.

It seemed that he didn't trust her when it came to love, which was the very thing that Sherry needed most.

"Are you asleep?" Seeing that she had been silent for quite some time, Jeremy asked behind her.

Although Sherry was still awake, she couldn't hear what Jeremy said and just stayed in that position.

The ward had suddenly been filled with an awkward silence. Taking his hand off her shoulder, Jeremy quietly walked out of the ward.

Once he was outside the ward, Jeremy closed the door, leaning against the wall beside him. He recalled what happened with Sherry just now, and his heart was aching, as though it had been strangled.

He was giving off a cold aura from all over his body. With clenched fists on his hips, there was a menacing glare in his eyes.

Anyone who dared to harass his woman would only be courting death!

When Sherry turned over, she saw that he had already left.

Now that he was gone, Sherry let out a sigh of relief. Lifting the quilt to cover herself, she checked cell phone. But, Linda still had yet to give her a reply.

It was rather stuffy inside the ward, so she felt a little uncomfortable staying there. So, she decided to roll out of bed, put on her slippers, and opened the door.

The corridor of the hospital was crowded. There were a lot of patients, along with nurses and doctors, who were walking in a hurry. No one bothered to stop to look at Sherry, and no one seemed to care at all.

Living such a lonely and wretched life, Sherry felt so alone.

Although she had a husband, Jeremy just made her feel miserable from beginning to end. She had one close friend, but now the little rift between her and Linda seemed to have widened the distance between them.

She anxiously held her arms, slowly growing weak in the knees.

From out of the blue, she felt a basin of water getting poured down her head. Feeling so frightened, she screamed and got drenched all over.

"Bah, you shameless mistress!

Look, everybody! This woman has been seducing my husband! She is a home wrecker! A home wrecker, I tell you!"

However, Sherry couldn't anything. Out of reflex, she turned he

taken. This is the photo that will prove that she seduced my husband. And on top of that, the records of my husband's card transactions and call records, those are all solid evidences!"

Upon saying that, she took out a pile of photos and a pile of papers from her bag and showed them to everyone.

With everyone's eyes focused on her, Sherry felt so on edge. Trying to avoid their gaze, she stretched out her hand to grab what that woman was holding in her hand.

But just as she was about to reach for it, the woman hit her elbow with her hand and shoved her away. Raising her hand, she proceeded to wave the so-called evidence.

All the women present had started gossiping. They became even more convinced when Sherry didn't deny it and simply became more arrogant. This made it easier for them to believe that Sherry was indeed a mistress.

"She is nothing but a shameless mistress. She should just die. Even now, my husband still wants to divorce me because of her! She's going to take away all of our hard-earned money!" The woman went into a fit of rage as she pointed at Sherry.

"Miss, why aren't you trying to defend yourself?" whispered a man who was standing close to her.

Looking at them in confusion, Sherry didn't give the man any response.

"You see, she's not even trying to deny it. She has really been seducing my husband!" the woman exclaimed when she noticed that Sherry wasn't saying anything. Then, pointing her sharp fingernails at Sherry, she launched another scathing attack on her.

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