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   Chapter 153 Get Out Of The Advertising Industry (Part Two)

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How did Linda make such a highly similar design?

Sherry was confused at once. What was going on.

As she slid down again, she saw a series of striking words.

"Contestant No.101 of the game named Sherry Xu copied Linda's designs and was disqualified from the game." Below was her design.

On seeing this astonishing news, Sherry was almost frightened out of her wits. Holding her cell phone in both hands, she stared at every word on the news without blinking.

The comment below made her speechless. She was surprised. "Contestant No.101, Sherry Xu, is the one who had an affair with the young master of the Song Group."

"You deserve to be disqualified because of your bad character."

"I thought she just seduced other men, but she also plagiarized other's works!"

"Shame on you!"

"She should be sentenced to lifelong imprisonment for participating in such contest! Shame on you! "

"Get out of the advertising circle!"


And there was a more dirty word. It was obscene.

They described her as a heinous woman. With trembling hands, Sherry closed the microblog and opened the phone book. When she was about to make a call to Linda, she suddenly remembered that she couldn't hear it now.

So she typed a text message. Her hand was shaking all the time while she was typing. "Linda, would you like to see me?"

After Sherry sent the message, she anxiously waited for Linda's reply.

But after about ten minutes, she didn't receive any reply.

So she had to send her another message. "Linda, are you busy now? If you are not busy, please reply me. I have something important to tell you. "

After another half an hour, she still didn't receive any reply.

She had no choice but to turn on the TV and return to the financial channel that she ha

d, as if a basin of cold water fell from the sky, making her whole body cold all of a sudden.

Only a very few people knew that she was married and there were no more than ten families. But why was there someone post such news on Weibo?

No, those who knew it would not do this to her!

Her marriage was a secret and Jeremy was powerful. Who dared to expose his secret?

The sudden change totally stunned Sherry.

Sitting on the ground by the bed, Sherry suddenly felt cold in her heart.

She was still unable to react. The TV screen was still shaking. Although she couldn't hear anything, it seemed that the people inside and the subtitles below were laughing at her all the time.

Suddenly, heavy footsteps came from outside the door. After ending the call, Jeremy almost scolded Barry.

The news that the first morning had provoked much discussion. Barry didn't deal with it well, now Sherry has already known it, Jeremy was so irritated.

When he appeared at the door of the room, Sherry was just sitting on the cold floor, staring blankly at the door. Her long hair was casually over her shoulder, disheveled.

Sherry's broken and blurred eyes hurt Jeremy's heart.

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