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   Chapter 152 Get Out Of The Advertising Industry (Part One)

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"Can you go away? Please don't hold me. Do you know why I don't eat the things you bought for me? Those things are like arsenic to me. I'm afraid that if I eat them, I'll die! "

He was always like this, treating her well for no reason, and then giving her a heavy blow, making her understand that all the good things before were illusory clouds.

Now, everything that he did made her feel ridiculous and unreasonable.

"Do you think I should be grateful to you for giving me a slap and a candy? No way! Get out! I feel like a thorn in my body when you are with me! " She gasped and said angrily.

Faced with her abuse, there was no trace of displeasure on his face and a constant smile on his face.

This man was hard to deal with, and Sherry was really at a loss.

"I have told you that. Can't you keep your dignity? Do you have to beg for help to be annoying here? " Sherry tried hard to struggle out of his hand, but it was too hard for her to get rid of Jeremy's big hand.

No one knew how many times she struggled this night, but Jeremy just didn't let her go, saying nothing. He just smiled lightly, letting her get angry. Even though the back of his hand had been caught by her, he was still unwilling to let her go.

As Jeremy stroke her, her stomach gradually didn't hurt that much. Instead, she gradually became comfortable. She gradually fell asleep in his arms.

Looking at her peaceful sleeping face, Jeremy finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He gently touched her belly with his big warm hand and sighed in her ear. He slowly put her on the bed and took out the pen and paper in her hand.

"Good night." He bent over, left a gentle kiss on her f

e took out her phone and saw the award list.

She didn't even wipe her eyes before she found her name in the text.

There was only one name on this card, and that was also the winner. It was not her. Sherry took a deep breath and continued to read the list.

The more she read the latter part, the more depressed she became. Until she finished reading the last insignificant word, she still couldn't see her name.

The name of Sherry Xu was not on it.

She painstakingly created this design and didn't carry off the prize!

And this time, it was Linda who had won the award!

At this moment, the hand of Sherry who was holding the phone suddenly trembled. She didn't know what to say.

Should she be happy or sad? It seemed that no matter how she felt, it was not right.

Looking at the words on the screen of her phone, she felt her hope was destroyed. She was at a loss what to do.

After nearly ten minutes, she accepted the fact and browsed the link of Linda's work.

She was greatly shocked when she clicked that link.

The design of this advertisement was completely same as that of hers.

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