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   Chapter 150 Contest Qualification (Part One)

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The room suddenly became quiet. Sherry was a little in silence, raising her chin, and Jeremy was cleaning the room on the side. Linda stood still and seemed to be at a loss.

"Sit down, Linda!" Sherry said to Linda.

Linda let go of her hand and grabbed her handbag. Then she took a pen and a piece of paper and started to write. "I have something to do. I gotta go."

Looking at Linda's face and then at Jeremy, Sherry breathed a sigh of relief.

It was all this man's fault. If he wasn't here, Linda wouldn't have left so quickly.

"Let me walk you out." Saying that, Sherry lifted the quilt and was about to get off the bed.

Linda waved her hand immediately. At the same time, Jeremy, who was sweeping the floor, also frowned and turned to look at her. "You can't get out of bed!"

Sherry didn't hear anything and got off the bed. Linda pressed her back on the bed and shook her head hard.

"I'm fine. I just go out to get some fresh air!" Sherry said with a gentle smile.

Linda looked embarrassedly at Jeremy, who was staring at Sherry, and felt deeply helpless about her actions.

But he seemed to be very helpless and at a loss.

Sherry got out of the bed and sent Linda to the elevator. On the way, she was talking to her. And Linda just needed to shake her head or nod.

After sending Linda away, Sherry stood in front of the crowded elevator, stunned for a long time, and then slowly turned around.

As soon as she turned around, she saw that there was a man standing behind her. It was none other than Jeremy.

Although he was expressionless, she could clearly see worries in his eyes.

"She's gone? Let's go back to the ward. " He walked to her and

left the ward.

It was an international competition, and there were very few people who got into the shortlist, and Sherry was lifted up on an exception.

The nurse gave her a checkup and left.

Looking at the invitation, there was a faint smile on Sherry's face.

She lifted the quilt and got out of bed. Looking at the sunset outside the window, she sniffed the fresh air. The night wind blew in her face and blew her cheeks. Suddenly, she felt that everything became beautiful.

It was late when Jeremy entered the room. He thought that Sherry had fallen asleep, but he found that the light in the room was still on.

Standing at the door, he looked at the woman who was still sitting on the chair, bending over the bed and meditating. The dim light fell on her side face, making it warm and beautiful.

At last, he showed his most sincere smile in the past few days.

It seemed that what he had done was right. If he allowed Sherry to do what she liked to do, her life would be full of fun. He had been wrong before, but everything could not be redeemed. He could only choose such a dull way to make up.

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