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   Chapter 105 Torture Each Other (Part Two)

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Sherry looked outside where it was starting to rain.

Wind mixed with rain floated from the window, and the temperature of the entire room suddenly dropped several degrees. She shivered and covered herself with the quilt.

"I want you to do me a favor." Her voice sounded a little husky.

When he heard her voice, he felt sorry for her again, and it made him want to obey her again even when she was making him do useless things.

"What is it?" he wrote on the paper.

"I left a document in a restaurant when I went out for dinner once. Help me take it back," Sherry answered.

Jeremy nodded and wrote on the paper again, "What's the address?"

She took the pen from him and wrote down a vague address on it, before she handed it to Jeremy.

He took out his phone to get the location and asked her to confirm the address again, and she nodded impatiently. After that, Jeremy went outside into the storm.

Sherry sat on the bed and looked out the window, feeling bored.

Perhaps it was a kind of happiness for Jeremy to torture him, but for Sherry, even torturing him couldn't bring her any happiness.

Three hours passed and he hadn't come back yet, but Sherry didn't worry at all.

Neither the restaurant nor the document was real because the truth was that she just wanted to send Jeremy on a wild goose chase.

After a while, the doctor came in from the door.

"Hello, your husband wants to talk to you," the doctor wrote on the paper.

Sherry knew what he was trying to do. He knew that she didn't have a phone, so he used the doctor to contact her.

"Doctor, don't you remember? I can't hear you," said Sherry, her face smooth and expressionless.

"It doesn't matter. Just write on the paper, and I will pass it to your husband."

Knowing that she

he paper, but of course, she didn't notice Linda and just continued working.

Linda thought that the advertising plan she was designing was perfect and elegant.

It was simple. The design was not fancy and grandiose, but it drew people's attention in an instant, making them feel that the product was worth buying.

"Linda!" Sherry suddenly shouted, startling her out of her thoughts.

Linda had been immersed in the advertisement that Sherry was planning, and she was taken aback by her sudden approach.

"You came to see me?" Sherry stared at Linda with a bright and happy expression on her face.

Seeing her smile, Jeremy felt bitter in his heart.

Linda took out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote, "Yes, I told you that I would take care of you."

But the truth was that she didn't come here to see Sherry.

Looking at the plan that Sherry just designed, Linda realized that it was a good thing that she had come down though.

If she could steal Sherry's idea, she would make a great contribution to the company, and she would be recognized by the industry. If that happened, she could climb up the ranks easily and maybe even become a manager in just a short time.

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