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   Chapter 105 Torture Each Other (Part One)

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After Jeremy went out, Sherry got extremely bored, and more so because he had thrown her phone away. She had no phone to play with and nobody to chat with either.

Watching television was not an option either.

It was a long time before Jeremy came back with a bag in his hand, and he found that Sherry had fallen asleep.

She couldn't hear the sound of his arrival, but she was very sensitive, so she opened her eyes as soon as he felt someone else's presence in the room.

He smiled at her, put the bag on the table, and pointed inside.

However, Sherry just glanced at him and pretended not to see what he was doing.

But he got used to it after she repeatedly did the same whenever the mood struck her, so he just took the pastry from the box and passed it to her.

As soon as Sherry smelled that scent, she felt a little nauseous, and nothing about it made her want to eat it.

But it was also a good opportunity to torture him.

With that decided, she put it into her mouth and took a small bite.

After only one bite, she frowned in disgust and then threw it on the ground.

"Doesn't it taste good?" he asked puzzled.

But Sherry couldn't hear anything, and she was happy enough to pretend that she could not see his mouth moving. She just threw the box in her hand on the ground.

She wiped her hands with wet wipes in disgust, but she felt thirsty, so she tried to get the glass on her bedside. However, when she looked inside, it was empty, and so, another trick came to play in her mind.

Meanwhile, Jeremy thought that she was choking, so he brought her a cup full of water. After she took a single sip, she squirted it out.

Not expecting it, Jeremy was sprayed with water, so he hurriedly stepped back to wipe his face awkwardly.

Sherry put down the glas

ck the door. It's really troublesome!" the nurse wrote on the paper.

An apologetic expression flashed across Sherry's face. "Sorry, I just went to the washroom and forgot to open the door."

The nurse curled her lips and went out.

The moment the nurse went out, Sherry's face changed.

"Here you are. Two strawberry-flavored ice creams." He handed the ice cream in front of her, but the moment that she saw his face, she was besieged by so much irritation. She picked them up and smashed them on the ground.

Then she walked angrily to the bedside, opened the quilt, and lay down.

Jeremy didn't know what he had done wrong, but he knew that it was likely because she was deliberately making his life miserable.

Sherry was probably pissed off because she wanted him to stand outside longer, but he called a nurse, which interfered with her plans. Now, she didn't want to talk to him at all.

After a good sleep, she woke up to find that Jeremy had just washed his hair and freshened up, as he had just walked out of the bathroom, his hair wet, and clothed in a new white shirt.

"You're awake?" After wiping his hair, Jeremy walked up to her bed and looked at her affectionately.

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