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   Chapter 145 She's Not Your Wife (Part Two)

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"Even if I am deaf, dumb, blind or dead, it has nothing to do with you, Jeremy. I don't need you to care about me!" She shouted.

Her hoarse and exhausted sound made Jeremy's heart ache.

"I have an affair with another man and I don't love you. I sleep with another man. I have feelings for any man, but I have no feelings for you!"

Chester, standing next to her, looked at her. He heard what she said as if only he could understand how painful she was at the moment.

He had experienced the feeling of being ignored.

Jeremy lowered his head to look at her, and his deep eyes fell on her face, but she didn't care at all.

Jeremy took out a pen and paper and wrote again, "Even if you don't love me, I won't let you go. In this case, it's better to torture each other. As long as you can stay with me."

He handed the paper to Sherry.

Seeing this, Sherry was so angry that she wanted to strangle him.

She tried to calm herself down and sneered. She turned around and said to Chester, "Mr. Chester, you can go back to work now!"

'Why did she ask me to leave?' Chester wondered.

Chester didn't want to leave her, because he was afraid that Jeremy would hurt her. More importantly, he wanted to stay here and look after her.

But he could feel the intense atmosphere between Sherry and Jeremy, and he knew that they must have a lot of things to solve.

He took out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote, "Have a good rest. I will come back to see you later."

"Thank you." Sherry said flatly.

Chester was a little disappointed and distressed. After a while, he stopped when he passed by Jeremy, "If

! "

He took a deep breath and looked at the water stains on the ground helplessly. She even didn't eat any congee, which was heated just now.

"It's okay. Here is more." He wrote on the paper and picked up other things.

He had bought a hearty breakfast and there must be a suitable one for her.

Sherry looked coldly and suddenly said, "I want some pastry."

Turning to look at her, he asked with a smile, "What would you like?"

"Lotus Seed Puff Pastry made by GH restaurant." She said lightly.

GH restaurant was far from the hospital. But it wouldn't take long for him to drive there.

Jeremy nodded and stood up. "I'm going now. Wait for me."

But Sherry didn't look at him. She just sat on the bed, playing with her fingers.

Then he picked up his coat and car keys from the sofa and walked out of the ward.

He could feel that Sherry did it on purpose. She wanted to punish him and force him in this way.

Somehow, Jeremy enjoyed it. It seemed that he didn't mind getting close to her in this way.

It was better than being indifferent to each other.

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