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   Chapter 104 She's Not Your Wife (Part One)

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Frozen to their spots by Jeremy's cruel eyes, Zoe and Anna stayed silent.

Chester looked coldly at Jeremy. He didn't seem to be joking.

Sherry couldn't hear anything. She sat on the bed like an outsider.

Losing his final ounce of control, Jeremy's father banged his fist on the table and stood up.

"You dare talk to your elder this way?" he reprimanded.

Jeremy looked at him. He didn't think that he had done anything wrong and said sternly, "I'm only protecting my wife. I won't let anyone hurt her."

"If you sign the divorce agreement, she won't be your wife anymore!" said his father, waving his hand impatiently.

The secretary handed a file to Jeremy with a light bow. There were two words at the top—Divorce Agreement.

He saw, in utter distress, that Sherry had already signed it.

"After what has happened with Sherry, our family cannot afford to be humiliated anymore. Sign it, and then go to the Ministry of Civil Affairs directly to complete the divorce formality!" John did not want to see the face of his disappointing son any longer than this.

He couldn't allow him to humiliate the Ou family for the sake of a woman.

Jeremy stared at Sherry; he still couldn't believe that she had really signed the agreement.

He had indeed promised her that he would divorce her once she recovered.

But now, he regretted making that promise.

"I will not sign this," Jeremy said in a calm tone.

He abruptly tore the agreement into pieces, and they fell to the floor.

Sherry was shocked; she watched open-mouthed as the pieces of paper drifted all over the floor.

Chester was shocked too. Now that Jeremy had expressed his determination in front of their families, would it be possible for Sherry to ever get a divorce?

Unable to see through his son's unreasonab

n. And he was still pretending to care about her? Was he expecting her to be grateful because he was showing concern after she got slapped, which was also his fault in the first place?

Chester was blazing with anger. He continued to blame Jeremy for his inaction, "She couldn't even hear what they were saying about her. Where were you when she was being accused of cheating on you? Where were you when she was being hit? How can you say that you will take care of her for a lifetime when you can't even protect her from your own families?"

Chester bombarded him with questions.

Jeremy turned a deaf ear to him, but he knew that Chester was right.

Sherry had suffered a lot, and he wasn't there to protect her.

He took the pen and paper from the side-table and wrote, "Don't worry. I won't let this happen again. I will take care of you."

Sherry looked so frail; Jeremy wanted to hug her and hold her close. He wanted to tell her how his heart hurt for her and how regretful he was that he had let all this happen.

He wanted to tell Sherry how much he loved her. And that he could never leave her.

Sherry looked at the newspaper beside her. She tore it and threw it on Jeremy's face.

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