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   Chapter 143 Protect Her

Gossip Ex-wife By Sugar Characters: 10879

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"Humph, she doesn't even bother to explain, which means it's true. " "This seems to be non-negotiable," John Ou snorted and said to Adam Xu who was extremely embarrassed

As he nodded, a man walked in. It was the secretary of Jeremy's father. The man took a file out of his bag and handed it to John respectfully.

Adam took a quick glance at the document and asked in surprise, "Mr. Adam, what's this?"

Hearing this, Jeremy's father showed a mysterious smile. He raised the document, showed it to Adam and said, "This is the divorce agreement."

Then he threw it to Sherry.

"Well... Is there no room for negotiation? " Adam wanted to try again to stop John, with a pleading look on his face.

However, John had already put the agreement on Sherry's bed.

She picked it up and found it was a divorce agreement.

'That's great! I've spent a lot of time getting the divorce agreement from Jeremy, but failed to get him to sign it. Now, his father has put pressure on me, so this time I can divorce soon.'

"Adam, I don't want to do that, either. But as you can see, there is no need for her to explain at all for what she had done wrong. My family can't afford to be humiliated by her. In that case, let her divorce with Jeremy!"

John was very dissatisfied with Sherry. He didn't know how to answer people's questions about this matter.

But this Sherry, like nothing happened. She would not tell the reason no matter how they asked.

When he was about to say something more, he found that Sherry had already signed on it.

As soon as she saw the words "divorce agreement", she took up her pen and was going to sign it without hesitation.

Before her father could stop her, she had already written her name on it.

After signing her name on the agreement, Sherry looked at it and felt relieved.

Her stepmother and sister smiled at each other and knew each other's thoughts.

"Sherry!" Her father looked at her with disappointment.

His secretary took over the agreement and handed it to John, showing him the agreement. "She has signed it."

"Dad, she has signed it. She can't go back!" Said Zoe to her father.

Adam trembled with anger, "You're so disappointing! You're such a loser!"

Her stepmother added, "She has grown up. Even if she is a wanton woman, what can you do about it?"

At this time, footsteps came, and everyone turned to the door.

The tall figure of Chester appeared at the door, followed by Beisy.

Wearing a white shirt, he looked a little tired. He had been busy with work these days while working. His mind was still filled with Sherry, and he was completely unable to calm down.

After he finally finished his work, he rushed to the hospital to see Sherry.

He had promised to take care of her. It was really hard for him to leave her alone in the hospital, and he couldn't bear to see Jeremy keep bothering her.

But as soon as he arrived at the hospital, he saw a large group of people.

Chester knew her father and Jeremy's father. They were the business tycoons, especially the father of Jeremy.

He had been here for a while and heard something faintly outside the door. In addition, these people were not looking good, and Sherry's face was cold, he roughly knew what had

ave? Why is he here again?

"Jeremy!" Zoe said in a sweet voice.

Jeremy gave her a look. He never looked at her in the eye before. But now, he was warning her word by word, "Your sister is not deaf!"

Zoe looked at him in a daze, curled her lips and didn't dare to speak.

He went to the other three and shouted, "Dad, why are you here?"

His father humphed and continued, "If I don't come soon, our family will be humiliated by this woman."

Jeremy disliked to hear his father's words. He just frowned and ignored his father.

Then Jeremy and Chester looked at each other but pretended that they didn't see each other.

Jeremy put down the breakfast and turned his head to look at the newspaper on the bed. There was a photo of Sherry and Steve on it. He raised his head and saw the palm print on Sherry's face.

At that moment, his face took on a ghastly expression. He gently stroked her face with his hand.

Feeling his approach, Sherry seemed to be gloomy and turned away.

"Who did this?" Jeremy suddenly said in a colder voice.

Zoe was scared and hid behind her mother. Now she dared not talk back like what she had done to Chester.

No one answered. He turned around and glanced sharply at them. "I asked who did this."

In front of so many people, Sherry's father felt humiliated because he was forced to speak by a young man. Jeremy's father snorted and said, "Your father-in-law hit. So what? He just gave his daughter a lesson. Do you still want to hit back? "

Jeremy rested his eyes on Sherry's father.

Sherry's father frowned and looked into his eyes. He said, "Jeremy, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for what she did to you. She had an affair with another man. I was so angry that I hit her."

"Of course I won't hit back, but I warn you that Sherry is my wife. If you hit her, it means that you hit me!" He said in a cold voice.

In fact, beating Sherry was more painful than slapping himself.

"Jeremy, you!" Sherry's father was stunned and didn't know what to say.

"No one can bully Sherry, and I won't allow any of you to bully or humiliate her!" Jeremy interrupted Sherry's father's words and said in a cold voice.

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