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   Chapter 100 I Said I Want A Divorce

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After vomiting her guts out, Sherry went back to bed. She gradually fell asleep again.

It was getting colder. Wind rushed through the open window and swayed the curtains. The sky was dark now. A strong breeze blew, and Sherry woke up because of the cold.

When she woke up, her hand was outside the quilt. She quickly pulled it into the warmth of the quilt. At that moment, the door opened and someone came in.

She was frightened at first, but was relieved to see Linda.

Linda turned on the light, and walked to her side. She stared at Sherry quietly.

Chester had told her before coming here that Sherry had become temporarily deaf and could not hear anything. Otherwise, she would have ended up knocking on the door outside for a long time!

She sat down beside Sherry with a big bag of food in her hand. When she saw the note on the side table, she took it and wrote, "Are you feeling better?"

After reading the note, Sherry nodded. "Not bad."

Actually, she was not well at all. She had an empty stomach, but didn't want to eat anything. She was feeble. It was an uncomfortable feeling.

"This was Jeremy's fault! I want to kill him!" wrote Linda, looking at her with pity.

Sherry saw his name on the paper, but didn't react to it at all. She threw the paper in her hand away in disgust.

Linda took another paper and continued to write, "Chester called me and asked me to take care of you."

Sherry was moved. Even though Chester had to leave, he had thoughtfully asked Linda to take care of her.

She wrote on the paper this time, "Thank you. I'm fine now. You should go back to work. Don't worry about me."

Sherry handed the paper to Linda. When Linda saw it, they looked at each other and smiled.

Linda was eager to know about Steve. She held the pen in her hand for a while and then wrote, "Everyone knows about what happened. Didn't Steve talk to you?"

As far as Linda knew, Steve would do anything to protect Sherry and stay by her side. But why wasn't he here now?

They didn't know where he was, so Linda had assumed that he would be with Sherry.

Sherry shook her head and wrote, "I don't know. I didn't hear anything about him."

She didn't care either. Where he went was none of her business.

Moreover, she had no time to care about Steve at a time like this.

Linda was a little suspicious, but she also figured that Sherry had no reason to lie to her.

Holding her hand, Linda looked at the heavy gauze wrapped around her wrist. Her face fell.

A complicated feeling aroused in her heart. She was distressed for Sherry in her heart, but she thought it was Sherry seducing Steve in the first place that had caused all this. Hence, Sherry sort of deserved it.

Why did she choose to flirt with him even though she was married to another man?

The two conjectures haunted Linda. She had known Sherry for a long time, and it was still a bit difficult to hate her from the bottom of her heart.

She had mixed feelings about Sherry now, which she could not tell to her face.

Sherry didn't know what was wrong, but she knew that Linda was confused and looked like she was in pain. She held her

ir eyes on you. I can't stand it when you get too close to them."

Jeremy stood still and looked at Sherry. He knew that she was deaf now, but he still had to say it.

"I have finally understood how much I love you. I care about you and I'm afraid of losing you.

When I found out that you had cut your wrist to commit suicide, I remembered how you had done the same thing a year ago. You did it to force me to be with you, asking me not to divorce you. And I agreed. Now, you are using the same method to force me to give you a divorce."

Sherry seemed to have calmed down a little. Jeremy walked towards her and said, "I'll take care of you till you're fully recovered.

No man can take you away from me. I won't let them have you."

He walked up to Sherry's bed and continued, "Please forgive me for being such a horrible husband. I was just jealous."

"I need a divorce," Sherry said, interrupting him.

Jeremy froze.

'She is talking about divorce again!'

Sherry took a deep breath. She couldn't hear herself or his voice, but fortunately, she could speak her mind.

"Let's get a divorce. That way, both of us will be set free. Let's do each other this favor." Sherry's tone was calm.

But the more indifference she showed to him, the more heart broken Jeremy became.

Noticing the pen and paper on the table, he grabbed it to write down a sentence.

"Is there any other way other than a divorce?"

Sherry cast a glance at it, but didn't take it. She shook her head without looking at him.

He wrote again, "Do I have to divorce you?"

She didn't even bother to react this time.

He looked at her side face and her green eyes; she was so resolute.

Jeremy put down the pen and paper, and sat quietly on the edge of the bed.

"I don't want to live with you any longer. I need a quick divorce. Don't waste my time and yours," Sherry said when he remained silent.

This was not what Jeremy had wanted. He said in a low and gentle voice, "I will take care of you. I will make it up to you..."

"I said I want a divorce! Didn't you hear me? Sherry yelled impatiently.

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