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   Chapter 138 Determined To Divorce (Part Two)

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She didn't eat anything, had no strength, and could not hold the pen steadily. The words she wrote were crooked.

Seeing her words, Chester hesitated for two seconds and then continued, "No, the doctor said that you are just temporary deaf, and you will recover soon."

After reading it, Sherry gave a reluctant smile and said, "Thank you."

Chester wrote, "Until now, Steve is still nowhere to be seen. Every day, the media is looking for him, but we can't see a trace of him. You can rest assured that I will investigate this matter and make you clear."

Looking at the words on the paper, Sherry was somewhat absent-minded.

If Jeremy had known that she was innocent, he would have regretted so much and treated her better.

Sherry shook her head and wrote on the paper, "Thank you, but I don't need it."

"Why?" asked Chester, confused

"There is no need. There is nothing to explain." Sherry's expression was calm. She didn't care about it at all.

She didn't want Jeremy to treat her better. She wanted him to misunderstand her as a wanton woman, for she had seduced other men.

Only in this way could she get a divorce and be free. She felt happy when she thought about it!

She added, "Can you help me find a lawyer? I want a divorce. "

Seeing the words on the paper, Chester looked up at her.

Sherry nodded affirmatively and looked at him firmly.

It was better to end this broken marriage than to linger on.

"Okay, I'll arrange it as soon as possible." Chester wrote down the words.

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in." Chester raised his voice.

The door was pushed open. A nurse came in with a thermos bottle in her hand. She smiled and said, "Miss Sherry, here is your soup."

Sherry couldn't hear anything, but faintly felt that the pers

bborn that he had to write down some words. "If you have a meal then I'll go back."

Now it was one of Chester's biggest headaches to let Sherry eat something, Since she put forward this request, he would certainly agree on it.

After Chester heated up the food he bought, he took a spoon and fed some food to Sherry.

In fact, as soon as the food was fed up, Sherry wanted to vomit.

However, she resisted the feeling and pretended to enjoy the meal and slowly ate one bite after another.

Seeing that Sherry finally eat something, Chester breathed a sigh of relief.

The appearance of Sherry, who couldn't even drink a sip of soup just now, really made him upset.

After eating a bowl of rice, Sherry wrote on the paper. "I've finished eating. You can go now!"

Chester took out some tissue and wiped her mouth. After he cleaned the room, he went out.

Less than ten seconds after he went out, Sherry lifted the quilt and rushed to the toilet. She held the toilet and spit out what she just ate.

She vomited all the food she had eaten.

She also tried very hard to eat something, but her stomach was completely unable to accept. As soon as she ate it, she naturally had a bias.

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