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   Chapter 137 Determined To Divorce (Part One)

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At that moment, both Barry and Beisy were taken aback and dared not to hear any more of the doctor's words.

After hearing this, a kind of sour feeling also came from Chester's mouth, just like he had eaten the green plum which was still immature, so sour that he almost wanted to cry out.

"She got mental stimulation. You must be careful when you see her. If she refuses, try to stay away from her as far as possible, and do not irritate her." The doctor urged.

Jeremy nodded, walked aside, sat on the bench and said nothing.

Chester leaned his back against the wall and remained silent.

Beisy said to the doctor, "Thank you so much, doctor."

The doctor nodded and left.

The corridor became quiet at once. On the opposite side of the hallway stood Chester and Jeremy, with their head down. Nobody knew what they were thinking.

For a moment, no one went in to have a look at Sherry. Everyone was standing outside, with Barry and Beisy standing respectively by the side of their boss. They didn't know what to say to break the awkward atmosphere.

It seemed that they had been waiting outside the whole day.

"Jeremy." Chester suddenly asked.

On hearing Chester call his name, Jeremy didn't raise his head. Instead, Beisy and Barry looked at him at the same time.

Chester fixed his eyes on Jeremy and didn't care whether he heard him or not, he continued to say, "I want to pursue Sherry."

It was not until now that Jeremy heard it. He sneered and looked up at him. "What did you say?"

"I said that I wanted to pursue Sherry and I would protect her. I would not let her be hurt like this today," Chester continued seriously.

Upon hearing it, Jeremy's face darkened. He changed his sitting posture, leaned against his back and folded his legs. "It's impossible. Sherry is my wife. There is no need for an outsi

to her mouth again.

The stink of the soup made Sherry more irritable. With a push, the soup was sprinkled on the body of Chester.

Startled by her sudden move, Beisy quickly got some tissues for him to wipe and asked, "Chester Gu, what's wrong with Miss Sherry?"

He shook his head and allowed Beisy to wipe the water on his body. He kept staring at Sherry.

Like a child who had done something wrong, Sherry bit her lips and looked at him carefully. She didn't show an apologetic smile until Beisy finished cleaning up.

"Chester Gu, take off your coat and let me dry wash it." Said Beisy.

He took off the coat and handed it to Beisy, then Beisy went out.

There were only two people in the ward, Chester and sherry.

There was only a half bowl of soup left on the table. He closed the lid and took out the pen and paper. For a moment, only the sound of the pen rubbing on the paper could be heard.

After he finished writing, he looked up and saw Sherry looking at her fingers idly.

He handed the pen and paper to her, "It's okay if you don't want to drink. You don't have to force yourself."

When Sherry saw his handwriting, she nodded slightly. Then she took up the pen and wrote on it, "Am I deaf?"

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