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   Chapter 97 Relief (Part One)

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Sherry entered the darkened study. She fumbled for the switch on the wall and turned on the lights.

Like the rest of the house, it was full of baby's things.

She sighed to herself, thinking that it all seemed so ridiculous now.

She walked over to the desk and took a seat. For what seemed like forever, she just sat in front of the computer, staring at her own reflection in the black screen. Eventually, when she felt calmer, she finally turned on the computer.

She decided she would write three letters. The first would be to Linda, the second to Chester, and the last one to Jeremy.

To Linda, whom she still considered her best friend, Sherry wrote an e-mail trying to explain everything that had transpired between her and Steve. She guessed by now that Linda must have read the newspapers and come across the articles about the two of them. Sherry wasn't sure how Linda truly felt about Steve, but she knew she owed her an honest explanation of what had happened.

The next letter was harder. The image of Chester's face appeared in her mind, and she thought with guilt of how he had always taken care of her. He had done so much for her. Her fingers hovered over the keyboard as she tried to think of words that would make Chester understand her.

"Dear Mr. Gu, I'm sorry I let you down. My resignation was not my choice, but it had negative results that I never expected. It's difficult to explain, but I really couldn't do anything except accept it silently.

However, I want you to know that from my first day working for you at the SZ Advertising Company, I have been determined to do my best and to contribute to achieving our goals for as long as possible. As your employee, I am very grateful for how you took care of me. You gave me every opportunity to succeed. It was your consideration that allowed me to focus on my work and put aside my other worries.

The accident that happened today was unexpected. I apologize for the losses that were incurred by the company. I hope you will be able to forgive me. Again, I'm

eel the need to look out for him, but how can I fall in love with someone I see as a brother?

All this is the truth. I'm telling you everything because after this, we will never be together again. You were a prisoner in our marriage but now you are free, and you don't need to be concerned with me ever again.

Take care. Sherry."

As she finished typing, the screen became blurry, and she realized that she was crying. She reached up to dash away her tears.

She leaned back in the chair, feeling weary.

After several minutes, she placed her hand on the mouse, and clicked three times. Each email had been sent to its recipient.

She exhaled, tired but relieved, as though she had just finished an enormous task.

Her gaze moved away from the screen and onto the framed picture on the desk. It was of her and Jeremy. He didn't like being photographed, and even in this shot, he looked solemn and unsmiling.

However, the Sherry in the photo was smiling widely. Sherry couldn't believe how different she had been. The woman in the photo was smiling with her mouth open, her head tilted, her eyes dancing with merriment. Next to her, Jeremy stood looking serious and impatient.

Sherry reached out and touched the tip of her finger to Jeremy's face. She whispered, "Goodbye."

Without the burden of marriage, Jeremy could return to his bachelor ways.

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