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   Chapter 132 I Have Resigned Your Job For You (Part Two)

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"You think too much. I just don't want to stay with you." She said indifferently.

"Well, Sherry, we haven't figured it out yet!" Sitting up from the sofa, Jessie said in a high pitched voice.

"Shut up and sit down!" Jeremy turned to her and shouted.

Startled, Jessie looked at the sharp and angry look in his eyes. Embarrassed as she was, she managed to sit down.

"Sherry, come here. Apologize to her." Looking at the back of Sherry, Jeremy suddenly said.

Jessie, who had just been scolded by him, was stunned for a second, but then a complacent smile appeared on her face immediately. She thought that Jeremy was still on her side.

Thinking it was ridiculous, Sherry abruptly turned back and shouted at Jeremy, "You didn't see anything. Why do you think it was all my fault? Why should I apologize to her? "

"I saw it clearly with my two eyes that you pushed her!" Said Jeremy word by word.

His tall figure stood in front of the sofa, next to him was Jessie who was protected by his wings.

And the distance between him and Sherry became farther and farther, and she just became a flapping bird.

"I didn't push her! I won't apologize! " Sherry shouted.

Her whole body was trembling, and even her voice was trembling. She had to speak loudly in order to make her voice sound less trembling.

However, Jeremy didn't believe her at all. What he had said was useless. She didn't want to explain what had happened just now. It would be a waste of time if she tried to explain.

Sherry's heart broke when she heard that. In his eyes, she was just a bad woman who always lied to him.


ad done charity. Was it necessary for her to be grateful to him?

"Jeremy, call Chester right now and take back the liquidated damages. I have to continue to work!" Sherry flopped down on the ground, holding the last ray of hope, and said to Jeremy.

"No way!" He replied loudly.

Then he dragged Jessie by the arm and went out of the room, ignoring Sherry in despair.

The door was closed, and she was left alone in the room.

She sat on the ground, feeling as if all her strength had been sucked out. Despair and pain covered her head like a dark cloud, and those memories came overwhelmingly like flood or savage beasts.

She had always thought that she was weak, courageous and persevere. Her only faith was her love for Jeremy.

So in order to prevent him from divorcing her, she had the courage to commit suicide for the sake of him.

Now when she recalled the past, the man she once threatened with suicide before was the man who brought her countless harm and pain and let her nightmare now. She smiled bitterly in her heart. This was really not worth it!

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