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   Chapter 96 I Have Resigned Your Job For You (Part One)

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Half an hour later, Sherry had shifted from where she was perched on the sofa and by now she couldn't hear the voice from the inside any longer.

Without warning, the bedroom door flew open and Jeremy strode out.

As soon as he stepped out the door, he spotted Sherry from where she was seated on the sofa, her back impassively towards him.

Even as she heard his voice, Sherry was too lazy to turn around and really acknowledge his presence.

Jeremy made his way to the coffee table in front of the sofa and whirled around to face her.

His clothes were a vast ruin, half unbuttoned and showing a glimpse of bronzed skin behind it. He was still covered in sweat, and that was what drew her attention at last.

"I'm going out for a while." He unceremoniously snatched up the car keys on the table before sweeping out of the room.

A little startled, Sherry rose from the sofa and made to follow after him.

"Sherry!" Jessie's voice sounded suddenly from behind her.

Realizing that she just won't be able to avoid Jessie's company this time, Sherry stopped and carefully turned back around to give her an impassive look.

Before her, Jesse stood wearing nothing but a scant black sundress, and her hair loose over her shoulders. From her disheveled appearance, it was evident that she'd just slept with a man.

"Did you... happen to hear anything just now?" Jessie asked as she languorously made her way to the sofa, settling down with a contented smile on her face.

Sherry wasn't in the mood to pick a fight, really. She only responded icily, "As a matter of fact, I did. I thought I heard a dog barking. Don't worry, it's probably just a stray."

Clap! Jessie soundly smacked a water cup off the table, enraged.

"What did you just say to me?!" she demanded, leaping to her feet and glaring venomously at Sherry. "Oh, sorry... Did you say something?"

Sherry stopped from where she was about to leave and glancing flippantly back at Jessie.

Humiliated, Jessie rushed away from the sofa and grabbed a fistful of Sherry's hair from behind.

"Ah!" Sherry howled in pain as her

tunned at the accusation.

Without another word, Jeremy hurled Sherry downward.

"Get over there!" Sherry landed sprawling onto the sofa, barely able to get her bearings. Her chest felt tight with pain as she clutched at it, coughing.

She glanced back to look at Jeremy.

For his part, Jeremy merely walked towards Jessie, lifting her carefully from the ground and settled her safely onto the other end of the sofa.

Sherry barely had the strength to sneer at the sight of the two of them, and so instead she pulled herself together and got up to stride out.

"And where do you think you're going?" Jeremy demanded, calling after her.

"It's nothing to do with you and none of your business," Sherry retorted. Even as she went, she heard Jeremy's accusatory tone. "Going to go and find Chester, are you? Or maybe Steve? Or is it Jeffrey this time?!"

She ignored him, not giving him the pleasure of a reaction. She kept heading for the door.

"Everyone knows you've nowhere to go except to keep looking for other men."

His words were designed to cut; he was making it sound as though she were some prostitute at a night club, with a whirling coterie of men who passed her around.

And the words were effective, as Sherry felt a dull pain throbbing deep in her chest. She had tried her best to ignore his barbs, but the poison in Jeremy's words always seeped through her ears somehow.

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