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   Chapter 129 She Loves Everyone Except Him

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Sherry was reading the title of the newspaper and the photos that were taken secretly, trying to calm down.

She turned to look at him, swallowed and said, "Don't be angry, calm down and listen to me."

"I am listening!" He answered, but his tone was still as irritable as before.

It was easy to guess what would happen next, even though he said that he would listen to her explanation, but he was in a rage now.

"The reason why I'm with Steve is for Linda. It seems that Linda likes Steve very much. How can I allow her to be with a man like Steve? I did all these in order to make Steve promise not to badger Linda anymore! "

Sherry tentatively explained to him. Anyway, she had to explain to him.

After all, he had done so much these days. Her heart was not made of stone. She was still moved by him.

A cold smile crept on his face, which made Sherry believe that she just told a joke which was not so ridiculous.

"Sherry, do you think I'm stupid?" He squinted at her, disappointed and angry.

Sherry nodded and continued to explain eagerly, "I swear what I said is true!"

Suddenly, he reached his hand, grabbed the newspaper and threw it to the backseat. Then he grabbed her neck and forced her to get close to him.

"For Linda? It's ridiculous of you to make up such an excuse. Do you just randomly trample on my love, Sherry?"

He roared at her, which made her eardrum was almost broken. She closed her eyes to resist all this.

"No, I didn't mean that..." She shook her head and said, "I did it for Linda. Steve and I had made a deal."

"Then why did these photos appear? How could you tolerate other men to treat you like this? Are you willing to accept all the men like Steve?"

He put his forehead against hers. His angry and hoarse voice made her forehead hurt.

"I don't know. I was set up..."

He suddenly let go of her neck, got out of the car and slammed the door.

As soon as she got free, she took a deep breath. At this moment, she saw that Jeremy pulled off his tie as he walked towards her. Then he opened the door of the car with great strength.

"What do you want to do?" She looked at him in horror.

Without saying a word, Jeremy reached out to grab her one hand and then tried to grasp the other.

Aware of his intention, Sherry flinched back and slapped on his face by accident with the other hand. "Don't do that!"

At last, he took her two hands off and tied them up with a tie.

"Let go of me! How can you treat me like this?" Sherry kicked him angrily, and her high heels almost kicked on his body.

"Why can't I treat you like this? I'm your husband!" He dodged and her high heels fell off.

After he bound her two hands together, he pulled her out of the car directly with the other side of the tie.

Before she

denly shouted.

He stopped his smile and stared at her.

Sherry gave a cold smile and said, "Jeffery is a simple and kind-hearted man, and Chester is also gentle and considerate. Steve likes to please me. I like them."

"But I don't love you. I hate you very much. Every moment with you made me feel so uncomfortable and disgusted!"

"Shut up!" He suddenly roared in a low voice and raised his hand in the air for a long time.

"You want to slap me? Hit me now. You will only do what you think you are happy! "

Jeremy didn't slap her, but her words cut his heart like a rusty knife.

Suddenly, the phone in Sherry's pocket vibrated.

Although her clothes were a mess, her phone was still in the pocket.

Hearing this, Sherry was stunned for a moment. When she was about to get her phone, she saw that her coat had been lifted up by Jeremy and he took out his phone.

When he saw the name on the screen, Jeremy's face darkened. He said, "It's a call from Chester. Do you want to answer it?"

Sherry was stunned. When she was about to speak, Jeremy raised his hand and threw her phone in a parabolic way!

"No!" Sherry stood there, watching her phone being thrown away. She screamed, but it was too late.

But Jeremy still sat in front of her and looked at her coldly.

"Jeremy, how do you want to torture me?" She shouted in a low voice. This was the second phone he had destroyed.

Just a phone call could make him so crazy!

"I will torture you till I am the only one in your heart and you dare not find another man!" Then he stood up and put on his clothes.

Sherry struggled to sit up and shouted angrily, "Get rid of me!"

When Jeremy stood up, Sherry was relieved. Finally, she heard him saying, "You stay here to make a self-reflection!"

Then he left without looking back.

In anger, Sherry said, "Jeremy, come back!"

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