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   Chapter 128 The Mysterious Girlfriend

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After Sherry said "I promise you", people in the square were immediately in silence.

Then, all the people applauded warmly.

The smile on his face got bigger. He stood up and walked towards her.

Sherry's eyes were glued to his legs. His knees were a little dirty, but he still looked very graceful.

"Can we leave now?" She stared at him and said fiercely.

"Kiss her!"

"Hey, your wife has promised you. Give her a kiss!"

Sherry was stunned, and then opened her mouth in surprise and stared at those people who were kicking up a fuss.

She even doubted whether these people had colluded with Jeremy.

She had thought that a problem had finally been solved, but it turned out that there were more troubles behind.

Jeremy put his arm around her shoulder and lowered his head. But before he could kiss her, Sherry said angrily, "I won't talk to you anymore as soon as you kiss me in front of so many people!"

She pointed at him with a malicious look.

A bright smile lit up his face as he held her hands gently. "There are so many people here watching us. Just a kiss, please!"

This powerful man in the business circle only wanted to spoil his woman.

Sherry swallowed and nervously looked at him.

His handsome face was getting closer and closer to her, almost taking her breath away.

"Just a gentle kiss..." After saying that, he kissed on her lips.

After kissing her, Sherry pushed him away!

Then she turned around and ran away in the crowd.

With his eyebrows furrowed, Jeremy caught up with her and put his arms around her waist. Sherry thought that he would kiss her again, so she thumped his chest with her fist and shouted, "I don't want it!"

"Go home!" A half smile crept onto his face.

Sherry was shy and annoyed, letting him take her through the crowd.

The people around them still wanted to see the fun, and they kept shouting behind them. Hearing this, she was terribly annoyed and was pushed into the car by Jeremy.

"Are you happy now?" He said with a smile.

With a stern face, Sherry looked at him and said angrily, "Do you think I'm happy?"

However, Jeremy didn't care about her angry words at all and just thought she was still shy. When he drove his car downstairs, he didn't get out of the car immediately, but held her hand.

"My group is going to hold a celebration party in a few days. At that time, I was going to announce an important thing." He looked into her eyes and said seriously.

Sherry didn't know what he was going to do and was listening carefully.

"I'm going to announce that I'm married. You're my wife!"

His voice was rare calm and serious. After hearing it, Sherry was stunned for a moment.

He was expecting to see her get close to him, hug him and kiss him.

However, Sherry kept silent for a long time before she gently nodded and said in a cold voice, "Oh."

Then she withdrew her hand, opened the door and went out.

Jeremy frowned and quietly stared at her, wondering what kind of attitude she had towards him?

On her way to the elevator of her apartment, Sherry suddenly felt her phone vibrating in her pocket. She opened it and found it was a message from Chester.

"I have something to deal with in the company. I'l

d calmly, "It doesn't matter. Mr. Jeremy is my friend. I have something to talk with him."

That male employee wanted to help her again, but nodded when he heard this.

Upon hearing that, Jeremy sneered.

He dragged her downstairs and put her into his car.

"Jeremy, cut to the chase. Don't get angry in front of me." Uttered Sherry in a furious voice.

"Don't worry. I'll let you know what I want to tell you later." The car flew out as soon as Jeremy finished his words.

The car galloped on a wide road. Sherry nervously looked ahead, fearing that the man would hit a tree madly.

"Hey, this is not the way to my home!" Sherry shouted.

Wind was whistling past her ears and her hair was in a mess. At the same time, Jeremy stepped on the accelerator angrily, making her heart beat faster, as if it was going to come out of their mouths.

He sneered, "Are you afraid? Are you scared? Or angry? Do you want to kill me? Let me tell you, this is how I feel today!"

How dare she be angry to him? How dare she yell at him?

After Jeremy stopped the car, Sherry was stunned and her eyes almost didn't roll.

She looked around and found that Jeremy drove the car to the wild place. The green and yellow straw rippled with the wind on both sides of the road. A cool and pleasant wind blew in from the window, but Jeremy's anger wasn't blown out by wind.

"Why do you drive here?" She asked in a trembling voice.

Without saying anything, he took out a newspaper from the back seat, looked at her and smiled weirdly.

Looking at her picture faintly on the newspaper he had folded, Sherry widened her eyes.

"Please tell me what's this?" After saying that, he threw a hard punch on her face.

In a panic, Sherry took the newspaper off her face. Although she knew that Jeremy would see it, why she felt so sorry for him at this moment?

He looked at her with a cold face.

They had just passed through the wedding anniversary, but she made such thing. She was really good at playing with men! Even Jeremy yielded.

Looking at Sherry breathing cautiously, Jeremy roared again, "Say it!"

Her body trembled like a frightened bird.

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