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   Chapter 126 What Day Is It Today

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After resting for a few days, Sherry was in a state of panic. Besides, Chester had never told her that he would leave the matter to her, which made her very anxious.

Finally, Sherry decided to go to the top floor to meet him.

When she went upstairs, Chester was giving documents to Beisy. She guessed that he had something important to deal with and asked the advertising department to do it.

Sherry couldn't help but feel a little disappointed since she was not in charge of the advertising department now.

Sherry bit her lower lip to make the color of her lips look rosy. Then she opened the door and walked in.

"Mr. Chester." Sherry walked over with a smile.

Both Chester and Beisy turned to look at her.

Seeing it was Sherry, Beisy said to him, "Mr. Chester, I'll go out first."

He nodded and Beisy left the office. Now there were only the two of them in the office.

In a white shirt and with a slight smile on his handsome face, he was pleased with Sherry's coming.

"How are you? Do you feel better now?" He stood up and walked to a lounge.

Sherry followed him and said, "I'm all right now. There is no problem with it. I can go back to work now."

"What would you like to drink?" He walked to a coffee machine and asked.

Looking at the coffee machine, Sherry nodded and said, "Coffee."

As he rolled up his sleeves, making coffee, he said, "You work so hard that you just take a few days off. Are you sure you can work?

Sherry nodded sincerely and took a step forward. "Yes! I'm so bored at the moment. And I'm worried about those cases being taken over by others! "

"No one else. It's Linda." He denied lightly.

Sherry was stunned for a moment, and then nodded, "Yes, I haven't discovered this until now. Linda is capable."

He gave her a cup of coffee, the scent of which was sweet. "You are not looking good. I'm worried that if you continue to work, you will work overtime as before."

Sherry touched her face. She had looked in the mirror before she came here. It was just the dark circles under her eyes.

"Other employees will be sick if they work overtime, not only me. Besides, I am the manager! Mr. Chester, you don't have to specially treat me."

He shook his head and said, "No, you'd better go back to have a rest."

"But I'm afraid that Linda can't make it alone!" Said Sherry anxiously.

"Doesn't she have members? Don't worry. She is still your assistant and I will give her a pay rise." He sat on the couch as he spoke.

"Mr. Chester..." Before she could finish his words, he waved his hand, hinting her to stop talking about this topic. He then said, "I have to go to work now. You stay here and drink the coffee before you leave."

Then he stood up, pushed open the door of the lounge and went out.

As soon as he came out, he saw a man standing in front of his desk, waiting for him.

It was another employee who came up to deliver the documents. After confirming that everything was okay, he let her out.

Linda was only one step away from being the department manager because of Sherry. And there was something she couldn't let go of and order others to do.

Linda went to the toilet and heard someone was talking

r legs and a bunch of fresh roses in his hand. The women around him looked back frequently.

Looking at the man who wore a pair of sunglasses and enjoyed the attention of all people on the spot, she inexplicably felt that he was quite annoying.

She took her bag and walked towards him without any expression on her face.

At the sight of her, Jeremy straightened up and waited for her.

Sherry walked up to him and asked in a low voice, "What are you doing here? That's too frivolous!"

Being speechless, he handed her the roses and said, "Guess what day it is today."

"I don't want to waste my time in guessing." Sherry didn't take the flowers. She took off his sunglasses, put them on her eyes and then opened the door to get in the car.

He had to go to the other side of the car and drove away.

Looking out of the car and holding the roses handed over by Jeremy, she said gloomily, "I've told you many times. Don't bother me if you have nothing to do."

She had been very idle in the past few days. She had spare time to think a lot of things that had happened in the past. In addition, she had been drugged for no reason. As a result, all sorts of thoughts had come to her mind at the moment.

"Can I come to you for something?" Jeremy was driving fast. The scenery outside the window was flowing so fast that she felt dizzy.

"Tell me, what's the day today? You are promoted? Or you have new girlfriend?" She looked up and teased.

He frowned and said in a low voice. Apparently, he was unhappy. "Don't be ridiculous! I don't have girlfriend except you."

Then he held her hand and pierced her five fingers with his slender fingers.

Hearing this, Sherry's hand took a draw and it was tightly held by Jeremy. So she failed to draw it back.

The car was parked in front of a hotel.

As soon as the car stopped, a waiter in uniform came to open the door.

Sherry had no idea why he suddenly brought her here and did this romantic thing. Didn't he feel bored?

He walked to her and held her hand.

"Mr. Jeremy, please follow me," A waiter came to them and led the way to the box he had reserved.

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