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   Chapter 123 A Diversionary Tactic (Part One)

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The sound of water came from the bathroom. Steve stood at the door and stared at the bathroom for a while.

The door of the bathroom was opened. The waiter came out with weak Sherry. She was only wrapped in a bath towel.

"Sir, she's already washed ." The waiter helped Sherry sit on the bed and said.

She also heard the sound outside. She was curious, "Who is outside?"

Steve was so depressed that he had no time to talk with her.

After taking a cold shower, Sherry calmed down a little, but she was still in a haze.

Earth shaking knocks on the door and the yells of reporters came from outside.

"Is Mr. Steve in the room?"

"It was said that Mr. Steve and a mysterious lady entered the room together. Who is that lady?"

"Mr. Steve, open the door. Let us have an interview!"

"You refused to get engaged to the daughter of the Li group before. Does it have anything to do with this lady?"

They really annoyed him!

The waitress stood still, looking at Steve nervously.

Said Steve, glimpsing at her. She was of medium height in body shape and young age.

Suddenly, an idea popped into his mind.

He gestured the waiter to come over. The waiter came over and asked, "Sir, what can I do for you?"

"Hey, what's your name?" Asked Steve.

The waiter looked at Steve in confusion, "My surname is Liu."

After hearing that, Steve looked at her and made up his mind, "Miss Liu, please do me a favor."

The waitress bit her lips and asked tentatively, "What's up?"

Steve walked to the table, took out a stack of cheques and tore one into pieces.

He took out a pen and wrote a large amount of money on it. Then he waved the check in his hand and s


At the same time, the knocks on the door were getting louder and louder. Those people wouldn't go back unless they got the big news.

Even if he didn't open the door, they would try every means to break in or take photos secretly.

Steve pulled down the bed sheet and covered the red lint tightly on it. Then he stood up and said to the waiter, "Lie down on the bed."

"Oh, okay. "The waiter was lying on the bed obediently.

Hiding on the bed, Sherry was unable to see anything clearly in front of her eyes. The floor was cold and comfortable, and the heat on her skin gradually faded away.

Steve walked to the door, loosed it and quickly went to bed.

He held the woman in his arms and lay on her.

His face was unnaturally flushed. She could feel his breath, which made her heart beat faster and faster.

With his heart set, Steve kissed her on the neck.

The waitress felt stiff all over her body. Thinking that 500000 was a big sum of money, she just had to put up with it and accepted it embarrassedly.

"Mr. Song, if you still don't open the door, we will have to use some unusual means!"

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