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   Chapter 122 Be Trapped (Part Two)

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In the room.

In the dim light, two people were lying on the white sheet.

Steve's handsome face was flushed in crimson. In a daze, he was drunk.

Sherry pulled the collar with her soft and weak hand. It took her a long time to open three buttons on the collar.

"I'm hot. I'm thirsty. Uh..." Sherry couldn't stop speaking in a fragmented voice.

She felt that her throat was about to burn and her whole body was like being soaked in milk, which made her almost melt.

Steve frowned and felt noisy.

Sherry turned over and kicked at Steve by accident.

Something warm and soft touched her suddenly. After Steve reacted for two seconds, he opened his eyes and turned around. A beautiful face appeared in front of her.

She is It was Sherry!

"Sherry! Why are you here? "

After recognizing the person in front of him was Sherry, Steve was shocked and couldn't tell what he felt. He saw Sherry slightly squinting and her face was unusually red. Her breath was heavy.

"Hot..." She said gently.

Then she took back her hair on her shoulders, revealing her long neck.

She was stripped, revealing her fair skin.

Steve held her hand.

Feeling someone was getting close, Sherry slowly opened her eyes.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw that Steve was very close to her face, as if he was appreciating her.

There was still a hazy expression in her eyes. Sherry tried to see who he was, but she felt very uncomfortable all over.

She was so uncomfortable that she clutched her legs.

Steve didn't expect that she would do such a thing, and he didn't expect that she would appear on his bed!

"You..." He swallowed,


She didn't even take off her clothes but fell directly into the water. The cold water made her tremble all over, and her teeth tremble. She said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Steve went out of the bathroom and closed the door.

He called the front desk and asked a waitress to go upstairs. She was asked to take a bath for Sherry in the bathroom.

He lay on the bed, with the scene just now constantly flashing through his mind.

Suddenly there came a noisy voice outside, and it seemed that a lot of people came. At the beginning, Steve didn't care about it. He suddenly thought about why there was a lot of people here. And she was drugged with aphrodisiac?

What was the reason for the noise outside?

He stood up, walked to the door, and immediately understood what was happening when he heard the sound outside.

It was obvious that the people outside were journalists from the news media.

It was obvious that Sherry was the victim of the whole thing!

Having sorted out all the things, Steve snorted and suddenly thumped the wall. "Fuck! You dared to trick me! "

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