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   Chapter 88 Be Trapped (Part One)

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As soon as Sherry got off work around noon, she met up with Steve who happened to be driving a sports car.

She counted the days early on and she was pretty sure that this was their last appointment already.

According to their previous agreement, as long as Sherry didn't fall in love with Steve, he couldn't bother her anymore.

At the thought of her imminent freedom, she felt relaxed.

"Sherry, I'm paying. What would you like to eat?" It seemed that Steve had already forgotten about it. He wasted no time in asking her out to lunch as soon as he arrived.

Sherry smiled. "Mr. Song, I understand how busy you can be. Today's our last day. Remember?"

The smile on Steve's face faded. Looking unhappy, he commented, "Oh, how time flies!"

"I didn't think it flew by so fast." Sherry was in a good mood—all her stress was gone now.

"So how do you feel about me?" Steve asked solemnly as he lowered his head.

The playful smile on Sherry's face disappeared. She answered seriously, "Sorry, I didn't fall in love with you."

Steve looked at her in silence.

"I've told you from the start that there was no chance. You were so stubborn that you had to set this deal up. Now look at you. You're disappointed. Please don't blame me."

She had made her feelings very clearly to Steve but he refused to listen because he thought highly of himself and was just that confident.

"So you still don't love me after everything? Not even a little bit? You don't feel anything?" Steve asked.

His eyes were dimmed and the usual gleam that he normally had whenever he saw her was gone.

"I'm very well aware of what you've done for me but I can't force myself to like someone I don't

r a little dizzy.

"Hello, is there a drunk guest here..." Sherry felt out of breath. Her throat was itchy. She tried to gulp for air, feeling a little uncomfortable as she tugged at the collar of her shirt.

"His name is Steve Song. Someone texted me through his phone..." Sherry was losing her consciousness. Her mouth was parched and her tongue scorched. When she saw a bottle of green liquid beside her, she drank it without hesitation.

She didn't remember what happened next but the more she spoke, the weirder her tongue felt. She thought to herself, 'I'm not a weak drinker. How could I get drunk after just a sip?'

The humid atmosphere didn't help either.

"Miss, what's the name of your friend?" the bartender asked.

Tugging at the collar of her shirt, Sherry felt someone walking up to her. The man grabbed her shoulders and she instantly fell into his arms.

From afar, a woman was watching this entire scene unfold. When Sherry was taken away, a malicious smile appeared on her face. Such a powerful aphrodisiac. It only took a few sips to get such a conservative woman like Sherry to suddenly turn sexual.

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