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   Chapter 116 Want A Baby (Part Two)

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Sometimes he couldn't control his jealousy and argued with her, but he couldn't ignore the change in his heart. He cared about her more and more as time went by.

"I'm going to cook, and I'll call you when I'm ready." After giving her a massage for a while, Jeremy whispered in her ear.

His sudden approach frightened Sherry. She opened her eyes and saw the face of Jeremy in front of her.

When he saw her frightened but cute look, he lowered his head, kissed her eyes and went to the kitchen.

After a long time in the kitchen, Sherry had sat up and stared in the direction of the kitchen.

She didn't know why, now Jeremy wasn't as annoying as before, although he seldom would say something that would make her angry.

"Dinner is ready." After putting all the dishes on the table, he walked to the sofa and lifted her up, heading towards the table.

"I can walk myself." Sherry nestled in his arms.

In fact, when he massaged her just now, she already felt relaxed and weak, and didn't want to use any strength at all.

He carried her to the chair, looked at her tired face and wanted to say something.

Since the work is so tiring, quitting the job and staying at home is better, isn't it?

It was enough for him to make money to support her. Why did she choose to work and make herself so tired? It made his heart ache to see her sleeping on the sofa everyday.

"Wow, you're better at cooking." "It's amazing!".

"Have you noticed that your husband is very good at everything? Excellent in all aspects?" He leaned on his back and put his hand on Sherry's seat, speaking in a proud and arrogant tone.

Sherry rolled her eyes and said, "You

eeling both funny and angry.

"Is this kid very cute?" Jeremy asked.

Sherry nodded heavily, showing her agreement with him. Then, she said, "This kid is super cute. Besides, he is handsome and smart."

"How about we have a baby, too?" Stated Jeremy in a cold tone.

The smile on Sherry's face froze for a few seconds. Then she looked away and watched TV quietly.

"You are beautiful and I am handsome. Our child must be smart and cute." He added.

His words, as attractive as ever, had been constantly tempting Sherry.

Looking at the kids on TV, she was a little indecisive.

Perhaps it was because she was born with a mother's love, she also wanted a baby. No matter it was a boy or a girl, she would be very fond of it.

She refrained from that strange feeling and did not speak.

He sat next to her and naturally put his arm on her waist, his chest against her back.

Seeing that her face was a little red, a touch of joy showed at the corners of his mouth.

'She must be too shy to admit. This woman is really lovely.

Tell him in this acquiescent way that she wants a baby too.'

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