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   Chapter 113 A Perfect Display (Part One)

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Sherry kept staring at the road ahead in a hurry.

"Not yet. Don't worry, you can be there on time." Jeremy tried to comfort her.

But Sherry still very worried.

She finally arrived at the company five minutes before the working time.

"I'm going to work." As soon as she opened the door of the car and got off, she found that Jeremy also got off the car.

"Stop!. I warn you not to go upstairs with me!" Sherry said fiercely and looked at him coldly.

He walked to her and reached out his hands.

She thought he was going to do something to make her angry in front of everyone, but when she was about to escape, his fingers gently passed through her soft long hair.

"You are too careless to tie up your hair in the morning. I help you." He lowered his head and pressed on her scalp with his finger, smiling.

Sherry cleared her throat. She seldom cared about such kind of thing in the past. It was common for her to have her hair loose.

They stood beside the car. Jeremy gently tied her hair up.

"The rubber band is in my trousers pocket. You can take it. I'm busy now." He lowered his head and said to her.

Sherry was speechless. "Can't you hold my hair in one hand?"

After she muttered, she obediently put her hand into his trousers pocket and took it out, while frowning. "Where is it?"

"Phew... Don't touch me. It itches." A smile crept onto his face.

Hearing this, Sherry was stunned. She didn't dare to pull out her hand. It took her a long time to take out.

"Why do you bring such a thing with you?" The rubber band was very beautiful. Sherry could tell that it must be worth a lot of money.

"I bought it for you. Don't think too much." Jeremy explained, tying up her hair.

Sherry cast a disdain

o easier for her to return to work.

At noon, she was about to go out to have lunch with Langston when someone came in and informed her, "manager Sherry, someone is looking for you."

When she inexplicably walked out of the office, she saw a tall figure in front of her.

Hearing the sound of high heels, Jeremy slowly turned around and walked up to her, with a faint smile on his face. He said in a magnetic voice, "Have you had lunch? Would you like to have lunch with me?"

In the office of Sherry.

She had no choice but to take him to her office. She couldn't just have lunch in the break room with Jeremy!

What's more, she has not her own rest room like Chester's. She only had her own small office and had no other places to go except here.

Jeremy sat on her chair opposite to her office directly, facing the whole office. And Sherry had to sit on the chair opposite to him, facing the balcony.

"You can leave after putting down the lunch!" Said Sherry.

The corners of his mouth twitched. "How ruthless. Can't I stay here longer?"

"No, I just..." Sherry wanted to find an excuse to drive him away, but she didn't know what to say.

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