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   Chapter 112 Take Good Care Of Her (Part Two)

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He nodded and said in a serious tone, "I won't touch you!"

Cautiously taking off her clothes, Sherry trembled, as nervous as she had a sex with Jeremy first. When only panties were left, she refused to take if off.

"Wash like this!" She begged.

Holding back his laughter, he said, "Okay. You can take off if you feel uncomfortable."

Then he took her into the bathtub, applied some body wash. Sherry asked, "What are you doing?"

Being speechless, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "You have to wash here, don't you?"

"I'll bath by myself." Then she wiped away the bubbles.

Upon seeing her clumsy movement, Jeremy felt his heart heat rise.

While cleaning, Sherry muttered, "You said that you couldn't touch me. You couldn't bully me when I drank..."

It seemed that keeping nagging like this could remind her all the time.

They didn't spend too much time on the bath. Sherry was comfortable in the water and she still wanted to take a bath. At that time, Jeremy impatiently wiped her body dry and threw her on the bed.

He couldn't touch her, so he had to take a shower in the bathroom.

When he came out, Sherry had already fallen asleep.

When she woke up, her head was still painful. Sherry covered her head with one hand and turned her body, as if she was pressing on someone.

She opened her eyes and saw that Jeremy was just woken up by her.

"Good morning." She couldn't react and greeted him habitually.

"Good morning." He said in a hoarse voice.

Sherry stared at him for a few seconds, and suddenly sat up on the bed. Her movement was so big and her head was a little dizzy. She painfully covered her head and asked, "wh

He just tried to ease the relationship and can't let it get worse.

"Don't underestimate me. I'll prove it to you, whatever the reason, I won't give up, especially for the request you just made."

What position do you want? What kind of person did he think she was!

Hearing what she said, Jeremy pursed his lips and nodded, "Okay."

He said this one word angrily.

He just wanted her to relax. Why did she have to think of him like this?

Does she still want to work like this? Drink with her leader every day and then get drunk to go home? What if she was bullied without anyone protecting her?

She had imagined the world too simple, but she had underestimated him so vicious!

"I'm going to work." Looking at his strange expression, Sherry said lightly.

Jeremy lifted the quilt and got out of bed as well. "I'll drive you to work."

In fact, she wanted to refuse.

But even if she refused him, it wouldn't make sense. Judging from his tone of voice just now, she could tell that he was very unhappy.

She didn't want to quarrel with him in the early morning, so she just put up with it.

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