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   Chapter 110 Drink For Him (Part Two)

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Sherry smiled, "Mr. Chester is not feeling well. I'm his employee. Help him to drink a little."

Mr. Han didn't care about so many reasons. He just picked up an empty glass and poured another glass of wine. "Well, but if you drink, you have to drink two."

As his hand shook, Sherry's heart trembled a little more. But when Chester was about to say that he would drink it himself, she decided to drink and said, "Okay. I drink!"

After finishing her words, she drained the glass with one gulp.

"What a tough woman! Manager Sherry is not only beautiful, smart and capable, but also good at drinking. Mr. Chester is really good at recruiting talents!" Mr. Han was praising Sherry all the time.

Sherry blushed and smiled shyly. Chester's face was expressionless as he constantly glanced at her.

"Mr. Chester, cheers!" The senior executives around Mr. Han stood up one after another to toast him.

Hearing this, Sherry was on the verge of being upset, wondering whether she would drink all for Chester.

"Is Miss Sherry going to drink for Mr. Chester? Two glasses of wine, please." Those people did not let her go at all.

That was drinking culture. People kept letting others drink until they were drunk.

Sherry drank one glass of wine after another. She felt lucky that she was not a member of the sales department, and drinking in the sales department was as common as drinking water.

Having dinner with clients, even if the client didn't talk to her, Linda had to smile with them.

But looking at the way Sherry tackle these people with ease, Linda was unhappy.

In particular, Sherry kept on protecting him from drinking, and Chester's face was slightly strange, and he even sympathized w

other side, Jeremy was silent for a few seconds. "Mr. Chester?"

"Yes, it's me. Sherry is drunk and resting." Said Chester.

Drunk? How could she get drunk while she was working at company?

"Where is she now? Tell me!"

"On the way to the company."

As soon as Chester finished his words, Jeremy hung up the phone.

Linda was curious why Chester didn't tell Jeremy that Sherry drank so much just for protecting him from drinking?

Jeremy was an irritable man. If he knew the truth, he would be furious.

When they went back to the company, Linda and Beisy took her to a break room in the advertising department, and Chester went straight to the top floor.

It wasn't long before Jeremy appeared in the advertising department.

"How did she drink like this?" A cold and worried look crept over his face. He went to the folded sofa in the lounge and saw that Sherry's face was red and she was sleeping uneasily.

"Mr. Chester took her out to meet clients today. The client wanted to propose a toast to Mr. Chester, but Sherry drank for him. She had drunk a lot herself today!" Said Linda casually as she was pouring water.

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